Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Kalai,Pounni and Prem Sexual Headshave

Kalai,Pounni and Prem Sexual Headshave

Prem(me) my age is 23.Kalai well structured lady age around 36 and she have one daughter her name is pounni and age is 19.kalai married in earlier age..But till this age she had a good figure..kalai have a huge thick hair upto her knee length and her daughter pounni also have huge thick hair upto her butt length.Kalai husband is devoted person so he most of all in travell to different temples in south,north sides.. Well lets enter into the story.Prem staying in kerela and am rent in kalai home..kalai and pounni are well close to me because they know am tamil person. Kalai family also tamil person they transfer to kerela10 year before..I also transfered to kerela before one in this one year they close to me well..They share the family problems,joke and so on..Am very strong hair fetish person kalai and pounni also know am hair fetish person because I always play with both kalai and pounni hairs.I comb, oil massage,smell it,make braid and different type of buns its like hair play.Kalai said many times when we chatting she didnt cut her hair and also her daughter hairs.she only trim a inch of her hair because of splitends make it even and good shape..Kalai and pounni are very jolly type and both of them love me am looking fair and well structured body i admire both of them..One day am watching video clips in my laptop the clip is related to hairjob,hairbun fuck and I have lots of collection in my laptop.pounni suddenly calling my name and enter in my portion.I kept my laptop in bed and i didnt lock it just paused the video and came out to hall.pounni said just am came for invite you for dinner and my mom wish also..I said just wait i prepare some drinks for you..I enter into kitchen and asked what you like to have tea or coffee.. At that time she enter into my bedroom and take my laptop.she answered me tea.I preparing a tea in that time she watched that video what i paused..she watched that full clip and get aroused.when am entering the bedroom she closed the laptop and she ran to her portion..I called but she ran away..Then i know she watched that clip..Pounni gone and said to her mom about what she watched in my laptop.. kalai also get aroused and like to watch that clip..kalai husband was so devoted she didnt satisfy with her husband in sex..And she didnt hear and watch like hairjob orientented stories and videos.. So kalai eagerly like to watch the video.Am thinking about the dinner after i refuse to go there.. Kalai and pounni came to my portion.I thought gone have to search new home..Kalai:she came near to me asked we are waiting there for along time why didnt you come for dinner..Prem:Oops starting with hesitation nothing i forget.kalai:come now we will have dinner and take your laptop with you..Prem:I asked why you asking my laptop..Kalai:only you show that clip to my daughter only ah.. Not for me ya..Prem:I said am didnt show her.she only took my laptop and watched that video..Kalai:am just kidding but i like to watch that videoPrem:No that videos are related to sexualKalai:Thats not a problem i know my daughter told me.. Dont feel shy its part of our life.Prem:Hmmm ok.. I took my laptop and gone for dinner.. We had dinner and little chat after i just gave my laptop and I said ok am leaving good night..Kalai why you leaving stay here and show the clip.. We watch together..We enter into bedroom am sat in centre kalai sat near in my right side pounni sat near in my left side..I logon my laptop and started to play the video clips i think you all know about foxy anya hairjob clip that clip only i played Three of them get aroused in my pant penis rise like mountain.. Kalai watched that i try to managed kalai said why you controlling your mood.. Just leave..kalai slowly opened my zip take my penis out..I asked her with hesitation can we do like that video what they doing.. Kalai said am eagerly waiting for this we will do it..We all started to remove our dresses..Three of us totally naked..I didnt have opportunity like this so i enjoyed..I removed kalai hair from in bun its slowly drop and fell down in my what a feel thick silly hair dancing in my lap she shake her head.. Did you see rapunzels ladies... Kalai is like that she have dark black thick hair upto her knee.. Pounni have black thick hair upto her butt..I sat in bed kalai came near to me took her long hair roll in my penis and started stroke in hand am moaning ah ah ah.. Kalai take my cock through her mouth but hair fully covered my cock..she search my redhead in that time I grab pounni hair put in front of her breast sucking her breast nipple put my hand on the breast lightly squeeze it her breast like shortput ball size..By seeing every video clips we did like that..we took some rest and after i said to pounni sit in edge of bed and i stand behind her.. Her nape and my cock in same height.. My cock is strip i took pounni all hair my hand i slowly enter my cock to her nape and i called kalai said to her to make a bun my cock has to be inside the bun.. Kalai make a bun in pounni hair my cock is inside the hairbun and i started moving front and back my cock and ball touch her nape i softly press her breast she moaning ah ah avch ah ah.. We both moaning ah ah ah.. Its hairbun fuck.. I masturbated in little huge hairbun.. I took my cock from her hairbun..I took some rest and I called kalai am lay down in bed and i asked her to tie your hair in my cock and sit on fuck me.. Kalai sat on me and am entering my cock into her clean shaved pussy its lightly tight to insert my cock and started ridding on my cock we both moaning ah ah ah avch ah avch ah avch ah ah ah.. Pounni put your hairs on my body..I masturbated in her pussy kalai said feels good inside me...Now time to fuck pounni i grab pounni hair tied in my cock and i fuck like doggy style we all enjoyed the sex through out the night.. We took rest.. kalai: what was in another folder its a video.. Prem:I said yes that is another kind of video whether you will like or not i dont know.. Kalai: first show me the video we will watch..Prem:Hmmm ok I'll show you am like this kind of video very much..Kalai:you like very much means that could be good collection..Am eager to watch play it..Prem:Hmmm ok.. I play that video...

In that folder i have collections of headshave video..women nude headshave,During sex women get their headshave,haircut etc... I played first one video clip there two lesbian shaving their head each other..kalai and pounni watch that video and get sacred how they shaving their hair..I wont like this video close it kalai said to me..I said just wait kalai i'll show you another video surely you will like that.. I played another video..In that Video one women kneel down sucking the men cock.. That women hair was in bun and the men having scissor in his hand..women sucking the cock hard men place the scissor in her hairbun started cutting it after few cut the hairbun fell down that person took the razor and placed in middle of her head started shaving.women still sucking the cock and enjoying the shave.. After that sperm into her shaved head and rub it in hand..The video ends..kalai asked me its good to watch but loosing their hair so worst thing.. I said its not worst thing.. Its kind of feeling they enjoyed the shave in different way..I have this kind of fetish but i didnt find this kind of women..kalai said dont worry you will get soon.. After a month passed kalai husband went to north side temple I think its near himalayan mountain..Kalai got a call from her husband.. he said one sad news my brother passed only i got a call so you have go there..I cant come there now.. When you returning home.. You need to do one thing instead of me you have to shave your head..its family saankiyam..kalai asked to her husband i have to shave my head ah but I have long hair.. Kalai husband said you must the barber to home and shave your head..kalai said Hmmm.. Kalai went to that death and returning to home..Prem meet kalai..Prem:why you looking sad today.. Kalai:i went to death.. Prem :who is died..Kalai :my husband brother..Premeath news may give worry to you i know.. Kalai:i didnt worry for death.. My husband said he cant able to come so he said instead of him.. I have to shave my head..Prem: I said dont feel for that.. You have to do.. Kalai: said but my long hair.. You well known i didnt cut my hair also.. My husband said you must do i couldn't refuse that..prem can you call the barber..Prem:I said if barber shave your head you will be more have to enjoy your shave.. If you dont mind I'll shave you.. Kalai: yes,i forget to ask you in that video way ah.. Prem:I said yes so today night get ready for that..Kalai:Hmmm ok..bring good shaving equipments..Prem:ya sure.. I took the shaving equipment electric cliper,razor,two sharp pair scissors,shaving gel etc..kalai said to pounni all the matter.. And pounni also decided to shave her head with kalai.. Am entering to kalai portion.. Kalai said come prem..I asked looking little bit sad..kalai said yes i feel about my long hair..dont worry it will grow back..kalai said one good news for you pounni also decided to shave her head..Wow today my dream going to come true...we three of them enter into bedroom and place the sheet in bed and all the hair spread in the sheet only so we can easyly collect it..we started undress ourself..I asked kalai and pounni in which way i have to shave there is 2 way shave without cutting any hair.. 2.step by step cut the hair and shave the head..Pounni said its your wish.I asked kalai what about you.kalai said i want my full hair without cutting option1. I said ok kalai i'll directly shave you..pounni i'll shave you in option2 step by step..First we will enjoy the sex..we did hairjob and hairbun fuck..Now lets start shaving fetish.. I called pounni first because kalai little bit nervous.. Pounni lay down in bed and put your hair in front..I took scissor in my hand and insert my cock into her pussy and started riding her.. She moaning ah ah avch ah ah.. I grab her hair started cutting their ends snrip snrip snrip snrip hairs fall into her body.. I stopped the cutting.. Lay on her body softly suck her pounni hairs come to waist length.. Kalai took another scissor and cut my hair.. I said dont cut too much.. After got up I said to pounni stand like doggy style i insert my cock into her butt.. Grab pounni hair back by pulling her hair fucking pounni hardly.. She shouting in pain ah ah avch avch ah fuck me ah fuck me..I hardly pull her hair fucked took the scissor and cut 2 inch...Got up and took some rest.. And i took tablet for energy..I called kalai to get shave.. Kalai said you didnt shave pounni.. I said you first after pounni..kalai kept her hair in very huge bun and massive bun.. I asked kalai first i'll cut your hair bun.. She said no.. I need my full hair without cutting... First i called kalai to lay down in bed and put your hair in front of your body.. She did like that.. Her front portion body fully covered with hair.. I just took the end of her hair and tied in my cock insert into her pussy lay down on kalai..In between us kalai thick hair i feel like a silky couch.. I hardly fuck her we both moaning ah ah ah ah avch ah ah.. After a long breath i fucked and got up..and lay down in kalai back side as the same i fucked in her butt.. She moaning ah ah avch ah ah avch..And i turn kalai am kneel on bed in between my leg kalai.. Am near her boobs place my cock in centre of her boobs grab all her hair placed in tits..I did tit fuck with silky hair..After what we saw in that video we started I said kalai to kneel down on the floor i sat in the bed.. Kalai took my cook in her mouth and I took kalai all hair and make a very huge tight bun and I took electric cliper plug in electric box and put the switch...I asked kalai shall we start.. Kalai shake her head and sucking my cock hard with nervous.. I took cliper remove the guard.. I have to remove kalai hair without cutting shave it fully.. I placed the cliper near kalai ears i started in kirutha.. And cliper sound kiru kir kir kiru kiru... Two side kirutha.. I reached Forehead switch on the cliper started again kiru kiru kiru kiru.. Kalai sucking hard.. Am moaning ah ah ah ah.. I shaved her hair from forehead to middle i slowly shaved all hairs stick in bun...I down kalai head to shave from nape kalai have my cock into her throat.. Now i started from nape bent kalai head kiru kiru kiru..kalai huge hairbun get little loose.. And i totally shave her head all hairs stick in bun lastly i clipped her huge hairbun fall down kalai was totally bald with bristle hairs i place my cock on her head rub it and sperm on it and rub it.. Kalai look sexy with bald head... Now i called pounni she wear her hair in bun... We both standing I standing behind pounni.. Pounni is little short than me.. I insert my cock into her butt am hugging behind pounni and fucking hard i smell her hair and took the sharp scissor..I make two hairbun on pounni head the two hairbun look little huge bun.. I place the scissor on the right side hairbun start cutting snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip and am fucking she moaning ah ah avch ah ah avch fuck me fuck me harder.. I cutting her hairbun snrip snrip the right side hair bun fall down..I hugged pounni press her boobs and squeezes through my hands.. And start cutting the left side hairbun snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip.. Half of the bun cut and am fucking hard..In that time kalai behind me kneel down rub my butt in her shaved head.. I cut the left hair bun its fall down..And i took my cock from her butt.. I said to pounni kneel down suck my cock.. She did like that.. I took the barber razor pour little water on her head.. placed the razor in centre of her head start to shave shrip shrip shrip.. White patch appear on her head she sucking my cock.. Am moaning ah ah ah masturbated in her mouth.. Pounni like my sperm she drank that.. I shaving her head hair fall on shoulders,laps and floor.. Shrip shrip shrip shrip half head shaved and start in right side.. Shrip shrip the razor touch her head.. she love it.. Pounni now totally bald.. I apply shaving gel on kalai and pounni head to make it smooth.. I took the razor start shaving shrip shrip shrip.. In three four strokes pounni head smooth.. I placed the razor in kalai head their more bristle in her head i shave it smooth..I rub both the heads.. Kalai and pounni now bald they did handjob to me.. Am moaning ah ah ah..I said sperm going to come show your heads.. I cum on both heads rub on my cock.. Its awesome feel..we enjoyed that night..

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