Friday, 11 January 2013

i I am MahaLaksmi 19 in my 2nd year degree. My mother made a vow that all of us would offer our hair at thiruapthi.My mom amd I have long hair up to knees.
During the summer holiday's we went to thirupathi. My father asked the cottage manager to send the barber to the cottage.
My mother started combing her hair for the last time and asked me to do the same to remove any tangles. I was Making requests to give half hair or three fourth of the hair etc. etc.
My mom said a vow needs to be fulfilled. She suggested why dont to first see how it is done then you may change your mind. Mean while the barber came.
First my dad finished his gundu told the barber to shave again smoothly and then both my older brothers finished got their gundus, the barber repeated the reverse shave for them to make their gunds really smooth.
Both my brothers and my dad looked good in gundu.
Now my mother sat down in frontof the barber and opened her hair, he asked 3 cuttings? my mom said no Gundu. He parted her hair wet it and tied it into knots on both sides.He inserted a new blade asked her to bend her head down , My mom bent her down and said govinda govinda, he started the shaving, 
He started from the center of the head then proceede to the back the scraping noice of the shaving was really intreguing, after finishing the back he came to the front , Now my mom had hair on both sides and her front and back of the head were bald.
He turned her haead to the side and stared the sides, slowly one of her hair bun fell down, then he repeated the same on te other side and that hair bun fell down. Now she was bald with little hair behind her ear.
My father told the barber to clean thouroughly and do a reverse shave (gundu baga nunnaga cheyyandi).
He repeated the shave, he thouroughly shaved her head again, now and then stopping to wipe the blade.It was complete. My mom got up touching her smooth gundu and said he did a good job.
Now seeing all this I forgot all my hesttaions and inhibitions, I sat down in front of the barber and opened my hair, he asked as usual 3 cuttings? I said no, "naku kooda amma laga nunnga gundu cheyyandi".[Ennakum Amma Madiri Mottai Adingha ]
I looked at my mother, she was happy.
I parted my hair and bent my head down surrendering my head to the barber.
He started to wet my hair massaged my head and tied my hair into buns.
He inserted the blade and bent my head down, I thought there goes my hair and said Govinda Goavinda. He started the shaveing, the scrape scape noice of the blade on my head was really nice, I tried to close my eyes to enjoy that feeling.
He finished the back of my head and lifter my head, started the front, I was waiting to see when the hair bun will fall down, he finished the front, turned my head to the side, I was happily moving my head down , up side as per the barbers direction.He slowly finished on the side and my hair bun fell down. I was so excited, he turned my head to the other side, I touched my parlty bald head felt funny. He finished the other side too and I see the hair bun falling down.
I knew all my hair is gone now. 
He started the reverse shave repeating the same process lifting my head , bending it down, turning sideways stopping to wipe the blade in between, he shaved my sideburns behind the eras, cleaned my forehaed area, cleaned my neck on te back thoroughly. When he said it was done I got up , touched my head it was so smooth and so soft, I ran inside to see my self in the mirror.
I saw my smooth shining gundu in the mirror, I looked completely different, I turned my head to all sides to see my gundu in the mirror.
My mother was laughing and said did you not say u did not want to shave ur head earlier?
I said, yes but after seeing u I liked it and wanted to get me a Gundu. I also said I liked it very much and would like to do it agian.

Before going to thirupathi I did not think I would shave my head but after seeing so many women and teenage girls like me too with Gundu in thirupathi I was tempted to get me gundu. Its really nice experience to surrender you head to the barber to shave your head and the scrape scrpae sound of the razor on your head is very relaxing, I felt so light after getting my gundu.Applied Sandhnam [Sandal] to Head its really Cools Gives Diffrent look and my Mom Puts Some Design of in Fore Head called Namama Which God itself having it ....

Afer going back home, I called my friends and told them I am gundu now.
They came to see me, they wanted to feel my gundu, I let them touch my gundu.

I went to colleage after the summer holidays, I had about an inch growth, I did not cover my head.I like my short hair now. 
Many Friends Teased me Gundu and My Staffs also Teased by calling Gundu Mottai

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