Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Dream

My Dream

 One fine day my friend called me and told he is going to thirupathi to represent his company for a presentation and he told if u r willing you can join me in the trip. I just told ok I will join you but the reason is I can see some live head shaves there.

           We reached thirupathi about 6 in the morning and he asked me to stay in the room and went to his branch office at 9 am. I was eager to see kalyanakatta so I went there after my lunch but to my surprise there was very less crowd and there were no girls or women in the crowd. I came down after two hours of waiting; suddenly I got an idea of going to mini kalyanakatta, so I went there.

           I went inside there was no one except the shaving equipments once I saw the equipments I was eager to touch it. I went near it and took the straight edge razor and I started to imitate like a barber, which I have seen in videos, suddenly I noticed someone came inside, I was afraid and I turn back, there was a man standing near the door. I thought he was barber, but he came inside and turn back and nodded his head and gave signal for someone to come in to my surprise a lady I think his wife and a beautiful girl may be his daughter came in, but I cannot see their hair since they were facing me. That man thought I am the barber and he gave me one blade and one token, I first hesitated then I saw the token and blade in that lady’s hand so I thought I can face any kind of problem. I asked the man to be seated and I saw the girl she was very much beautiful and she saw me and she smiled till now I cannot forget that smile. By looking her I applied water in her fathers head and started to shave, my hands are shivering to use the straight edge razor for the first time I some how managed and finished that man’s head shave and I saw that women.

          She came forward and sat in the wooden piece and gave me the token and blade. I was eager to see her hair length. So I asked her to turn back I opened my mouth by seeing its knee length it touches the ground a thick plait. I enjoyed the moment while I removed her plait and then I massaged her hair by applying water then I parted her hair into two and I make bun of hairs from them. Then I shaved her head I cannot control my emotions when I saw that lady with shaved head and her hair with me. she stood up I wiped out the hairs from her shoulders, she smiled and kept two steps backward but they were not moving out, they both saw their daughter she was standing in a corner. She was shivering and her mother went near her and she moved her daughter near me and asked her to be seated.I went to my final stage of my happiness hearing that. She sat before me and gave me the token and blade. She was beautiful she came there like an angel but in a few minutes she will be….

               I asked her to turn back she did. I took her plait in my hand and it was soft, it was not so long as her mothers but it was a thick plait as her mothers. I removed her plait it spread all around and it covered her back and I asked her to get seated facing me, she did her eyes were full of water, I asked her to bend down then I took a jug full of water I applied it on her hair and I started to massage, her beautiful hair is in my hand now then I parted her hair into two as like her mothers and made a bun then I asked her to see me she was beautiful at that situation with water all over head and her hairs in bun. Unlike others I started her shave from her forehead left side and I saw her and she saw me I kept razor on her head and started to move slowly she shivered a little bit and came to normal situation, her hair started to fall in her lap and then in ground her hair near the ears are beautiful and I enjoyed to shave it , now she is half bald, then I started the other side and I finished her head shave completely now she is completely bald, she saw me I smiled then she smiled I took my kerchief and I wiped her hair from her shoulders, lap and nape then her father called her to get up. I collected her hair and put it in a carry bag.

           She went out to take bath, I ran outside from that place because real barber can come at anytime. I waited for her near the temple because she will come there to pray lord. She did a bald family came, she wore a new dress she was totally sexy in that dress and look beautiful she applied sandal in her head. She saw me and smiled I too smiled and I asked her phone no in hand signal she wrote something in one paper and throw it to me and smiled. I opened but before seeing it my friend woke me and told me “get up its already late for college” it was all dream but if have opened I might have got some clue about her , anyhow I enjoyed the dream.


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