Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Prem and Kavitha Sexual Headshave

In the story some part  is fiction and my dream and I never like to hurt anyone in the story.This story contains prem(me) and kavitha(aunty, who is rent in my home).Now I like to introduce myself and aunty situation of this story.hi am staying in bangalore with my family.i'm very strong hair fetish person and in my home one portion is given for rent to kavitha.. She is live with old man her husband and the age is 55..she got married to old man as a second wife..kavitha husband come to home twice in a month..kavitha is well figured structure and her age is 32..And also she have a beautiful long hair upto her butt length,so thick and the same thick upto her butt length.she is not satisfied with her husband in sex..she didnt have a baby also and she live alone in my home..        
              The story begans kavitha always admire of me because I have my good body structure and look fair..I always admire of her hair because am hair fetish person..kavitha always bun her hair on the top of head she have a huge hair bun and my eyes always look her huge hair bun.. Kavitha react with me closer everytime I smell her hair and fly in sky..she notices me very much I love her hair..In my home there is no attached bathroom..There is only one bathroom which is located near kavitha portion.. And kavitha wash her clothes front of the bathroom..One day she washing her clothes in that place I was entering to bathroom to shave my beard and to take bath..I wont go to barber shop to shave my beard.. I enter into bathroom and close the door before I saw kavitha washing her clothes in front of bathroom I saw her huge hair bun I cant controll myself I started handjob in bathroom..In the bathroom door there is hole kavitha watched me when am doing handjob.. She love that and watching fully my huge cock and I was totally nude.. I doing handjob by thinking her huge hair bun cutting by myself..sperm come out she watched whole thing.. 
  Some day passed my family member planned to go chennai to attend my relative marriage..Am not interested to go.. so my family member leaved me alone in my home..My  mom called  kavitha and told take care of prem ma.. Kavitha said dont worry I'll take care of him..my family went its happen in morning..kavitha was more interest on me when she saw me in nude itself .. She hungry to have a sex with me.. So she planned this is the correct time to have sex with prem but how? She thinking finally kavitha got an idea.. She knows am a hair fetish so she trapped me by loosing her beautiful hair...In afternoon time I came out and entering into bathroom to take bath.. Before kavitha standing near the bathroom and she called me.. 
Kavitha:prem,can you do one help for me.
Prem:Ya tell me.
Kavitha:Come to my home..I followed her
Prem:Ya tell me what help you need from me..
Kavitha:Starting with hesitation can you shave my head
Prem:I was shocked and asked her why?
Kavitha:I know you are a strong hair fetisher..I willing to shave my head because of you..I love you so much..
Prem:I was shocked more she love me and willing to loose her beautiful huge hair.. I said ok its my pleasure..and asked her When I shave your head..
Kavitha: She replied now.. 
Prem:I said but I didnt have any equipment with me except razor
Kavitha:You dont worry about that.. I have a shaving kit its contain electric cliper,two paired sharp scissors,razor and shaving gel.
Prem:I was so excited and ask her how did you get this?
Kavitha:I was planned for so long.. Yesterday I went to market and bought this..
Prem:Oh ok its so good to hear.. I took her and placed a stool near her bed and sit her on the stool.. She wear green nightty.. Her nightty neck was near to her breast.. I got a little view to see her breast but I asked her a cape to tie around her neck.. 
Kavitha:why you asking cape.. If hair are fall in cape i cant wash it.. 
Prem:Then hair are fall in your nightty so you have wear that cape..Ok after your wish.. 
Kavitha:Prem remove your dresses because hairs all fall on your dress..your mom came to know means its make a problem. 
Prem:Its ok.. I'll manage..Do u one think I feel shy.. I wear my dress itself I shave you.. 
Kavitha:hmmm ok you wont obey my words ah..
Prem:No not like that I feel very shy..After I think lot You loosing your hair for me.. Ok I'll obey you.. I removed my t-shirt and shorts.. I only wear my underwear and my cock slightly rise.. Kavitha notice that and she was expecting that only..
      Kavitha suddenly get up from the chair and removed her nightty.. She didnt wear anything inside.. She was totally nude standing in front of me.. I was shocked and my cock came out from my underwear standing strip.. Kavitha was excited seeing my cock.. She came near to me and kneel down grabbed my cock to her right hand started doing handjob I was moaning.. Kavitha took my cock to her mouth and started sucking I was moaning ah ah ah...I cant controll my hands I hold her huge hair bun and pushing forward her head.. She love that... Her silly hair in huge bun its make me more happy by touching her bun I sperm into her mouth.. She didnt miss single drop and she drank.. Kavitha didnt leave my cock sucking hard moving front and back.. I told her to leave..  pulling her huge hair bun head from my cock she didnt give up sucking hardly.. I told her i'll show you another kind of fucking and sucking.. Plz leave now its pain.. Kavitha said shave me now when I sucking your cock.. I said wait..I have  lot of things to show you.. I'll shave you surely.. Now leave my cock.. She leaved and we both of them take some rest and share some words with us.. On that time she said her life story.. Kavitha didnt sex with her husband he was so old.. He didnt have stamina.. And she request me to do sex with me every month.. I agreed.. And I asked her do you know about hairjob and hairbun fuck.. Kavitha said no.. 

I didnt hear about this.. I said ok i'll show you how.. Kavitha really have a wonderful hair so thick also but she didnt know about hairjob.. Kavitha gave me a one tablet its reduced your pain.. I took.. After I told her kneel down and turn around your huge hair bun as to face my cock.. She did like that.. I standing behind her.. Kavitha hair bun and my cock in same height.. I insert my cock lightly and lightly into her huge hair bun  my cock totally hide in her huge hair bun..kavitha loved because my cock and balls touch her nape I started fucking her huge hair bun moving front and back.. Fucking like a pussy.. I bent and pressing her boobs softly first.. she love it..after I squeeze her boobs through my hand.. We both of them moaning like ah ah ah ah avch avch ah ha..I sperm out on her hair there are some white milky drops on her bun.. We enjoyed lot.. After I took my cock from her bun.. Some of her hair in my cock..we both laid up in bed.. I unbun her hair its across her butt.. I was shocked that time only I see her lengthy hair.. I said to kavitha you have a beautiful thick hair  why you want to loose your hair..kavitha replied I ever enjoyed like this before I pay my hair as a fees for you.. Because you love my hair that would be good fee for you... I turned around to face her butt side to the silling I gathered her long hair and tied in my cock and fuck her in butt heavier moaning ah ah avch ah fuck me fuck me harder.. I laid on her we enjoyed wild sex.. I press her boobs and squeezes through my mouth.. She enjoyed more.. And fucking her pussy kavitha not only have longthick hair on her head.. Her pussy also like a bush..she didnt shave her pussy also.. We both take rest and I played with her hair.. After I show how to do hairjob.. I told to her kavitha gather your all hair roll around my cock.. She did like tat.. My cock hide in her long hair and I said start masturbate she did like tat.. And she searching my redhead to lick and sucking and masturbating I loved  moaning ah ah ah ah with big breath.. After I said sit on the floor.. She sat on the floor as per my word am sitting in bed it is low height.. I gathered her all hair and make a huge bun her hair so thick its so huge.. I asked her go and see in mirror your huge hair bun which is placed on your head hereafter it wont be there..kavitha replied If I see i'll cry.. I said just touch your hair bun.. She refused.. I asked her where is shaving kit.. Kavitha show her hand near the bed side.. I took the shaving kit and opened placed in bed.. I asked her whether I have to shave you step by step or full shave without cutting anyhair totally shave.. Kavitha replied its your wish.. My long hair is for you only.. I took a sharp scissor in right hand and left hand hold her huge hair bun.. Kavitha closed her eyes.. I placed the scissor in her huge hair bun and started cutting the sound so good snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip.. Kavitha started crying her tear fall down.. I kissed her chick.. And said dont cry i'll stop it.. You giving your hair for me only know.. She shake her head yes.. I started cutting her hair so thick half of the bun only cut.. In tat time kavitha grab my cock insert into her mouth start sucking..I cutting kavitha hair snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip her huge hair in my left hand and scissor passes through her bun and kavitha hair bun in my hand.. I kissed her hair bun.. And shown to her she also kissed and rub her head kavitha hair bun placed was bristle.. I grab her near to me..and took the cliper started from her forehead half of her head was shaved but there is bristle hair in head again I started her another half of the head.. Within two minutes she was bald.. Kavitha look so sexy in bald.. The work not finished I applied shaving cream on her head she still sucking my cock.. Enjoying.. And I took the razor placed on her head she feel the chillness of the razor I shave her head cleanly to make her head smooth.. Fully shaved kavitha was totally bald with smooth head.. After I shaved her pussy hair also I place my cock in her shaved head rubbed with my cock we both of them love very much.. Thats night I stayed with her and we had a wild sex through the night.. I took her huge hair bun with me to do hair job..

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