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Savita's Tonsure

Rukmini Goes Bald
My name is Pranati, currently aged 48 and living in Bangalore. This is the story of the frequent hairlessness of my family members – male and female.
My mother-in-law, Rukmini got married when she was already 37 and her husband Ramesh was 43. Her son, Chandrakant was born the next year and the couple were advised against another pregnancy. When Chandrakant was 8, Ramesh died of a heart attack. Rukmini was heart-broken but was determined to put Chandrakant on a firm footing. She was working as a high school teacher teaching social sciences and language. The loan on the house her husband had purchased had been repaid. Hence, means of livelihood was not a problem.
Being from an orthodox family, she insisted that Chandrakant tonsure his head for the funeral rites of Ramesh. Chandrakant, though young, resisted but was too young to have his way. Hence, he gave in to Rukmini’s pressures. A year later, Rukmini who had by now become the Head Mistress of her School took Chandrakant to Tirumala. There again, she made Chandrakant to get a full tonsure of the head in Kalyanakatta. Chandrakant did not relish it but had to succumb to his mother’s pressures.
However, the momentous thing was that 47 year old Rukmini also decided to get her head tonsured, partly in reverence to her departed husband and partly as prayashchitta (atonement) for not heeding his advice to tonsure her head 8 years ago. She opened her hip long braid and sat in front of the barber. He thoroughly wetted her hair as 9 year old Chandru with his freshly shaven bald head looked on helplessly. The barber bent her head fully forward and started scraping at the back of her head. Rukmini felt strange sensations in her body. Oh! It is such a nice feeling to get tonsured! she thought. In five minutes he shaved off all her hair smooth and clean. She really looked great with a nice round head, good hair line and fair skin. Later, looking at her own image in the mirror, a smile spread across her face. She thought that she looked good that way and hence decided against buying a scarf. Her young son did not agree with her view but she did not care. She thought that she had made a mistake of not doing this 8 years ago, when Ramesh had pleaded with her to go for a tonsure after Chandrakant had become one year old. Ramesh had given up and did not press for it again. If only she had got tonsured then also, she would have made him happy.
She attended school with bare, bald head and smiled confidently at anyone who stared at her. The first few minutes of the classes she took were difficult with everybody shouting ‘ho!’, `baldi!’, etc. Other teachers, especially the female ones giggled on but she cared two hoots. But she was a very popular and good teacher though strict and things became normal quite fast. Even the management had to digest a bald headed Head Mistress. She had decided to protest formally about religious rights if they had objected. Thankfully, they did not object. Rather, the Managing Trustee complimented her on her boldness and piety.
To her eyes, young, bald Chandrakant also looked great. She felt a thrill whenever she caressed his or her own bald head. She hoped that she could make him shave his head every year. At least, could she make him wear his hair short with back and sides neatly hand-clippered and the top cut to around an inch? The way her departed husband used to have his hair? But then, Chandrakant did not like short hair and refused to keep his hair short.
The great feeling of that tonsure experience attracted her to male and female baldness. Whether Chandru approved or not, she vowed that she would again tonsure her head along with the first tonsure of Chandrakant’s first child. May be she will get a daughter-in-law who will also like to tonsure. At least she would try to persuade the d-i-l to do it. But then, that would be too far off in time, at least 15 years hence. By then she would be a grand old woman of 62. Certainly, she would not look as beautifully bald as she does today. Why not one more tonsure say in about 5 or 6 years?

So, when Chandrakant passed his SSC exams with 96% marks at the age of 16, her joy knew no bounds. She suggested he offer his hair at Tirumala as thanksgiving. He was religious and well behaved, of course. So he did accompany her to Tirumala. But he did not like to get his head tonsured. So he refused mother’s request. He was too old now for her to force him like last time. So she did not press him further. But he did not come in the way of her tonsure. At 54 she looked still young and attractive. Her hair had grown to her lower back. No trace of grey hair could be seen as yet. She joyously offered her head to the barber telling him to make her head extra-smooth. Chandrakant was resigned to seeing a bald mother. So he watched her going bald with a smile. The barber wetted her hair thoroughly, scraped the hair starting from the back and denuded her scalp in about 3 minutes. He wetted her hairless head once again and ran the blade all over again making the head extra smooth. With a wide grin Rukmini got up. This time also she walked around bald. This time she made another decision. She would keep her hair short for a year. She would sport a nice short crew cut.
So, three months after that Tirumala tonsure, she visited the barbershop her son and previously her husband used to go to. The barber was astonished to see a lady with about two inch long hair all over her head. He asked her what she wanted. She said she had come for a haircut for herself. Initially he hesitated but reluctantly he agreed. When her turn came, she told ‘crew cut – close clipper cut at back and sides and about half inch on top’. The back and sides of her head was hand clippered close to the skin to about an inch and a half above her ears with about a quarter inch dip at the back. The top was scissored close to her head with less than half an inch hair. The transition to the bald sides and back was very gradual. So the cut looked extremely good. Since then Rukmini stuck to the style for about a year. Once in a month she used to get shorn to the same style. Her colleagues initially chided her, made fun of her and what not. Tirupati tonsure was one thing and generally acceptable. But a crew cut for a Head Mistress was quite another. But she did not budge and both the management and the colleagues piped down. Even with her crew cut she looked beautiful, what with her kumkum, nosestud and earstuds (she had not removed these after her husband’s death.)
In the beginning of the next academic year – June – she asked the barber to hand clipper closely the whole of her head. He obliged. She enjoyed the cut greatly. Henceforth she would grow back her hair she decided. She would again go for tonsure along with the first tonsure of Chandrakant’s first child as vowed earlier. That would be another 9 or 10 years.
Years rolled by. Rukmini’s hair grew back though a bit slower and not as long. In about 5 years it reached just the mid-back. Chandrakant passed his engineering exam and joined a reputed private company as an engineer. Rukmini retired from service and decided to relax at home. However, she longed for company. She started searching for a suitable bride for Chandrakant.
She short listed several girls whose horoscopes matched her son’s and whom she thought were good in other respects. One among the short listed girls was myself. When all these were told to me by my m-i-l a few weeks after my marriage I had giggled a lot. M-i-l also had joined in the giggle.

Chandrakant's capitulation
When I passed my B.Sc. I had turned 20. My hair just touched my mid-back. During my college days I was supposed to be a highly mischievous and bold girl. Among my close friends (girls of course) I used to make a lot of jokes and even sexual jokes quite often (which I learnt from one of them called Varsha). Of course when I made similar jokes at home I was all but slapped by my mother. Such things were a strict no, no in our conservative household, or so I was made to think at that time. So I used to make such jokes only with willing girl friends. In the co-ed college that I studied I had befriended quite a few boys apart from all the girls. Of course, I maintained a respectable distance from those boys, physically and emotionally.
Since the first year of my B.Sc., I was attracted to the military hair cut of a couple of boys who were in NCC. They used to get the hair on the sides and back of their heads cut high up close to the skin and the top uncombably short – about half an inch. The cut looked cool on their heads and I liked it very much. My entreaties to my brother Vijay, 2 years older than me, to emulate the cut were met with a smirk and instant rejection. Of course, he had tonsured his head at Tirupati a couple of times and he liked it. But he said that that was different and a military cut is different. However, I started dreaming that my husband should always wear a military cut or a crew cut and go bald once in a while. I told my mother about this desire of mine on a couple of occasions.
When a girl called Kruti, one year junior to me, joined the college with a fine boyish cut I got attracted to that also. Why can’t I have such a cut myself? I was bold enough to propose that to my parents. Both rejected it outright. I put up quite a tantrum insisting that I get it done. But they did not budge. My religious father added “When you get married you propose that to your in-laws and if they agree I will not mind. But not till then.” So, I had to hang on to my midback long hair.
I recall an earlier incident which occurred when I was 13 and studying in 8th standard. Our neighbour, Sumitra was an office assistant in a high school. One day she barged into our house laughing her head off. She told my mother “Lakshmi, our HM came to the school with a crew cut!” Both my mother and that lady Sumitra laughed their heads off. Later I came to know that that particular HM by name Rukmini had tonsured her head twice in the last decade and moved about happily showing off her bald head. She was a widow and had a son by name Chandrakant who was studying in the second year of +2 at that time.
When I was about to complete my B.Sc. my parents started to look for a match for me. One day Sumitra suggested that her ex-HM Rukmini's son, Chandrakant would be a good match for me. My parents handed over a copy of my horoscope to her who delivered it to the now retired Rukmini. Five days later, my mother received a phone call from Rukmini that she and her son would come to our house the next week to ‘see’ me for suitability. My parents agreed.
Two days later I was going for a leisurely walk with my mother. My mother said “Pranati, you had tried to make a sexual joke a couple of years back. Can you say such a joke now?” I was horrified to hear her say that. I looked at her confused. She said “Now that you have completed your studies and is about to get married, no problem in saying such things now. But be discrete about it. Never say that in front of elders and kids. With me you can say that once in a while when I am alone.” Since then I do make sexual jokes with her also occasionally. She enjoys hearing it. In fact once my marriage was fixed, she went about explaining to me various things on sex, positions of sex, oral sex, anal sex and how to go about it. Initially with all my naughtiness I was embarrassed to hear such things from my mother, but later on I started enjoying such talks from her.
I had hoped that the ‘boy’ would have a crew cut what with a mother who had it once, probably now also. The thought made me giggle. Somehow my mother heard my giggle and asked me the reason. When I talked about the probable hair styles of the impending visitors, she chided me and asked me to behave like a bride to be but she herself could not suppress a giggle. But she knew how much I liked my future husband to have a nice crew cut or myself a boy cut. I had hoped that a crew cut m-i-l would happily permit her d-i-l to go for a boy cut.
The two came a week later. The lady’s hair was touching her midback. The boy’s hair was a normal man’s hair style – no clippered sides or back, no crew cut, nothing – in short, boring. I was disappointed. Of course, the boy was handsome, bright, fair, had a good employment in a nationalised bank. The lady, in spite of her age, was also quite beautiful and radiant. I thought that this family could be good for me. The lady asked me that and this. I replied clearly but with shyness as a bride-to-be should have replied in those days. Finally she took me inside one of our rooms for a private talk.
“Look, Pranati. You seem to be okay for me. But I have one wish which I do not know whether you could fulfil. I like short hair on my son and also on my daughter-in-law. In fact, I would be happy if she tonsures her head once in a few years. Tell me, would you like to keep your hair short if you become my d-i-l?”
I could not believe my ears. What a pleasant surprise! A lady expecting her d-i-l to have short hair! It was unheard of those days. But this tonsure thing put me off slightly. But then that was only an option. I asked “Will it be a condition for the marriage – short hair and tonsure?”
“No, since my son is unlikely to agree. I am expecting a d-i-l who is eager to change his attitude.”
“I really like short hair on myself also. My parents also know this. But let me think.”
“Do not raise this issue with him. He does not like it. He may even reject you if he comes to know that you like short hair. He is so much anti-short hair. If he raises the issue do not commit one way or the other” she advised me.
Next, the boy and myself had personal talk for about 10 minutes. Most things seemed to match. At last he said “I feel you are okay for me. But I will confirm later. But one thing. My mother is hoping to get someone who will persuade me to go for a crew cut. She is a short hair freak. She may tell you also to become a shorty. What is your inclination on this thing?”
Forewarned, I told “I am not very particular about these minor things now. If I marry you, I will always consult you on such things. Do not worry.” I tried to make it as diplomatic and non-committal as possible. He seemed to have been satisfied.
Then I told him my tendency and liking to make sexual jokes. He smiled and said that it would be okay as long as I did not say such things in front of his mother. I got overjoyed hearing this.
I got married to 23 year old Chandrakant immediately after my B.Sc. results came. Very soon we hit it off as a very good couple, each loving the other no end. He even enjoyed my dirty sexual talk. As per my m-i-l’s wishes I stayed home without bothering to join any employment.

We took my m-i-l’s wish of becoming a grand mother early very seriously and ‘worked’ at it from the first day after marriage. No pill, no condom, nothing. I made him ‘bang’ me every night twice or thrice. And I enjoyed it no end – vaginal, oral, 69, anal, he on top, I on top, etc. etc. One night we were so noisy in our utterances during our fucking that the next afternoon when myself and m-i-l were relaxing, she winked at me and said with a smile “You two seemed to be very happy yesterday night”. I blushed and lowered my head. She immediately said “No need to feel embarrassed. I am really happy that you two are having great time in bed. Even your utterances, though dirty in other places, are perfectly alright in lovemaking. The more noisy you are at that time and the more I hear you two doing it, the more I feel happy. Please carry on happily.” I felt happy.
Promptly, I missed my periods, which was due 20 days after marriage. A month later the pregnancy was confirmed. For the next few months not a single day passed without the two of us having great fucking sessions two or three times a night.
Varsha, my college friend who taught me to talk dirty, also got married about the same time and also lived with her hubby and in-laws about 2 km away. Once in a while we used to meet and renew our dirty talks with loud laughter. In fact, though taboo in respectable families, we used to discuss our fucking with our respective husbands – size of penis, what we say to each other, taste of cum, postures, etc.
Nine months after the marriage, I became the mother of a boy. We named him Pranav.
During those days whenever I tried to talk about Chandrakant’s hair length he used to shut me up. I thought that I would never be able to convince him for a crew cut – my teenage dream. Once, when I was three months pregnant I broached that I would like to go for a boy cut for myself. The look on his face scared me away. Here also I thought that I had lost.
When Pranav completed 2 years, m-i-l said that we all should go to Tirupati for Pranav’s mundan (first tonsure). I agreed that this was the right age. But Chandrakant was of a different opinion. "Going to Tirupati is alright. But Pranav need not undergo mundan. Nowadays people are not cutting full hair even for male kids. We can cut a few strands of his hair and then have darshan."
But my m-i-l would have none of it. She insisted that Pranav’s head be fully shaved in Tirupati as per family tradition. Chandru did not want to displease his aging mother too much. “Okay, do whatever you want. But don’t ask me to cut my hair there” he said.
Now, she dropped a bomb shell. “I had vowed long back that along with the mundan of my first grandchild, I would also go bald. So I will also be getting tonsured. Don’t either of you try to dissuade me. I am determined on that. In fact, it would have been nice if Pranati and you also had got tonsured. It would be for your own good. When we took you to Tirupati for your first tonsure, your father wanted me also to shave my head. I had rejected it but later on thought that I made a mistake. Now, Pranati should not lose that opportunity.”
I was horrified to hear this. I could not get angry on my m-i-l. She was such a nice person – my second mother so to say. She becoming a baldi again was not so much of problem for me. I remembered my giggle about 10 years ago and also when she had told me her tonsure story after my marriage and that brought a fleeting smile on my face. But myself going bald! Of course, I like to have a boy cut but not a bald cut. Even if I were to agree, there was no chance whatsoever of Chandru agreeing. But right now, Chandru became very angry at his mother. “If you go bald that is your problem. But do not touch my or Pranati’s hair. Ok?” he shouted at her. It was the first time that I heard him shout at his mother. M-i-l became red in the face at this rare defiance and went inside with tears. I felt sorry for her.
For the next three nights I avoided sex with him and chose masturbation to satisfy myself. I did not talk to him properly. He had cooled down now a lot but not yet apologised to m-i-l.
On the fourth day he almost tearfully asked “What mistake did I do for both of you to boycott me?”
“You have hurt your mother deeply with your arrogant reply and that has hurt me also.”
“Okay, I will apologise to her.”
“Chandru, the hurt you gave her is beyond words of apology. Some action is required. As repentance will you get your head shaved?”
Fortunately, he did not shout back now. Rather, he became serious “That is one thing which I cannot bring myself to do.”
“Okay, your mother has struggled alone to bring you up fulfilling so many of your childhood wishes. Can you not fulfil her few simple wishes?”
“Like what?”
“Like getting your head shaved along with Pranav or allowing me to get tonsured at least.”
His countenance became tough. He did not glare at me like last time. But he looked away. After about five minutes, with tears in his eyes “Okay, this once I will get tonsured as a punishment for having shouted at her. But, but… allowing you to do that… It is ….. it is ….. difficult for me.”
I was surprised to hear his personal capitulation. I cajoled him further. I was not very enthusiastic for my tonsure. But I wished to do it if I could make my m-i-l, that noble and friendly soul, happy. After all it was hair and anyway I was longing for short hair. It would be a difference of about 3 months only between bald and short hair.
I told him “Look Chandru, it is only hair. It is not as if I am the only young lady on earth who would have a shaved head. Thousands do it and do it happily. Your mother is such a noble soul that I would give anything to make her happy. What is the big deal in giving up hair which would grow back anyway? Please agree for my tonsure also.”
He replied “Let us see tomorrow.”
Back from work the next day, he touched his mother’s feet and apologised for his rude behaviour. He declared that he would also get tonsured after Pranav. He added to m-i-l’s surprise that I could also shave my head if I so desired. This was a pleasant surprise to m-i-l and myself. No doubt, she became joyous when she heard that Chandru would also tonsure. But she almost leaped in joy when she heard that he would allow me to go bald. Seeing that joy in her eyes made me lose all my doubts and I hugged her tightly. She affectionately tugged at my plait, took its end and caressed my face and nose with it playfully. Is my tonsuring going to make her that much happy? Probably there must be some good in it intrinsically. I could know about it only if I actually did it once. Well, now, I would tonsure my head, not just for her or my boycut sake but for its own sake and with full joy and happiness.
Pranati's First Tonsure
As per custom, Pranav was supposed to be tonsured sitting on the lap of his maternal uncle. I informed my parents and my brother about the decision of all the four of us getting fully tonsured in Tirupati during the mundan ceremony of Pranav. I invited them all to join us in the pilgrimage.
The news did not come as a surprise to any one of them. M-i-l's tonsure inclination was known anyway to my mother from Sumitra's conversation. As for my tonsure decision, my parents knew I longed for a boy cut and this could be in that direction. My brother asked parents' permission to go bald. It was granted. So, the seven of us went to Tirupati in a hired Toyota Qualis.
We decided to do Pranav's mundan in our cottage with the required rites. A purohit came, a barber came. The rites were done. Pranav sat on Vijay's lap. The barber wetted Pranav's head with lukewarm water, held his head firmly and started scraping the head. Vijay ably assisted the barber in controlling the toddler's head position. Pranav's cries were loud enough to be heard a km away. Finally, his whole head became smooth in about 8 minutes. Immediately he started smiling. He was given a bath and new clothes. All the remaining rites were completed.
Two hours later, we all trooped into Kalyanakatta. Vijay brought 4 tickets. While Vijay and Chandru had been assigned to the same barber, I and m-i-l had been assigned different barbers. My parents watched the events with a smile and Pranav was in their hands. There were two people – a man and his wife - in Vijay's queue while there were 5 and 8 in the queues of m-i-l and myself respectively. So it was Vijay's turn to go bald first. The barber first shaved off his moustache and the beard-like growth. Then he rendered Vijay's head bald in about 3 minutes. He rose with a smile.
Now, Chandru sat there with a nervous smile. I smiled at him encouragingly. I had insisted that he grow his beard to some extent for the event. Now, just like Vijay the first to be shaved off was his beard, then his moustache. It was first time that I saw him without his moustache. With great difficulty I suppressed a giggle. Now, the barber bent his head forward and shaved a big patch from rear to the front. I had dreaded that he would get tears. But, it was quite the opposite. He smiled slightly. As the bald patch grew wider, his smile also became larger. Finally, his head became fully bald. The barber wetted his head again and shaved all over once again. Chandru rose up with contentment and a broad smile. In my m-i-l's queue, one man was yet to be done. In my queue, two gents and a 18 year old girl were ahead of me. So, I could witness my m-i-l's tonsure.
The man in front of my m-i-l was shorn quickly. This particular barber looked pretty fast and efficient. He wetted m-i-l's head thoroughly and made her hair into two knots in about two minutes, and shaved off the entire thing in another two minutes. On her request, he wetted her head again and reshaved it making it nice and smooth. She rose with a broad smile. She really looked beautiful and young for her 64 years. I was surprised at the beauty of her baldness.
By now, the shaving of the two gents was over in my queue and the barber was wetting the girl's head. She was smiling benignly as her mother, already shorn bald in another queue, stood by my side and watched her tonsure. I struck up a small conversation with her in Telugu. The girl had buttock long hair – about 3 feet - and I thought it was brave of her to cast it off. She was giving hair as thanksgiving for getting a government seat in Medical College. The mother had got shorn because she likes it and she does it once in five or six years. This is her fourth tonsure since her marriage. And for the girl, this was her fifth. The last time the girl was tonsured here was when she was 13, three months after her puberty. She will again tonsure before receiving her Medical degree about six years hence. Now, the girl rose up with a nice grey bald head and all smiles. I smiled at her as I sat down with my butt hair undone.

The barber thoroughly wetted my hair roots for about a minute. My anticipation started growing. The barber plunged the blade to my forehead and scraped it backward all the way. I felt a strange sensation going through my body at that first cut. A chill hit the bald patch. As the shaving progressed I felt more and more joyful. I wished that the cut could go on such that the wonderful sensation of the shaving would never stop. But it was not to be and the whole thing was over in about 4 minutes. M-i-l instructed the barber to make my head smooth. So, he wetted the head again and ran the blade once again all over. I rose up with a broad smile and running my hand on my now smooth bald head. Looking at the hand mirror I started giggling at my strange look. But for the milling crowd I would have laughed out loud. My mother hugged me caressing my bald head.
After the Darshan all of us returned to our place in the Qualis – two hairies and five baldies. And of those baldies two are ladies. My m-i-l declared that henceforth she would keep her head a crew cut one. And she would visit Tirupati once a year and get fully tonsured. Back home, the majority of neighbours reacted funnily – giggling behind their hands, openly asking why I did it, showing a disgusted face, etc. But some noble souls appreciated it. Anyway I cared two hoots for those who did not approve. With full encouragement from my m-i-l I thoroughly enjoyed my bald status by going around with bare bald head. My m-i-l was extremely happy that I took my baldness very joyously.
The first night after returning from Tirupati with bald heads, Chandru told me that he had made a mistake of showing too much aversion to tonsure of heads. In fact, now he finds it not so bad, rather the feeling is good and looks are also not bad. He said I look really beautiful with my bald head. And that night, both of us were overcome with increased sexual urge looking at and feeling each other's bald head. Normally his penis grows to about 6 inches. That night his penis grew to 7 inches and he fucked me in the vagina thrice – twice from the front and once from the rear. And the fucking was so noisy that probably the neighbours would have heard the sounds.
Fifteen days after the Tirupati tonsure, Chandru told me "Pranati, I know you like to have a boy cut. Initially I had aversion to it. But now, you can have it for a few months." I was overjoyed to hear that. "I also will go for a crew cut for a few months" he added. Now my heaven was within walking distance.
For about a month, we enjoyed wild sex in various positions. By then I missed my periods and soon it was evident that I was carrying our second child. By now, all of us had about half an inch long hair. Pranav's hair had been cut only once till now and that was in Tirupati. A second cut need not be a full shave but we chose it to be so. We took him to the nearby Venkateshwara temple, got a barber there and got his head fully shaved a second time. Henceforth, he would grow hair a little bit but I was determined to keep it quite short, may be about an inch at the longest.
Pranati's Boycut
The Sunday following Pranav's second mottai (head-shave) the three of us elders walked into the barber shop frequented by my husband. Of course I had Pranav in my arm. Since my m-i-l had last used that shop several years ago, the barber was astonished to see her after so many years and that too with a short crop of about half an inch.
Chandru said 'crew cut for all three; machine cut high up and nice all round and quarter inch on top'. First it was m-i-l in the seat. The barber after draping her bosom with a white cloth and tucking it behind at her neck pushed her head to her left and started clicking his hand operated clippers ('machine' as it is called by the barbers) at her right temple. He took it high up about an inch and a half above her ears. The happy expression on m-i-l's face revealed that she was enjoying it. The barber continued this operation all around the head. He wetted her top hair with water spray and cut the top hair to about quarter inch as instructed by Chandru. He took a smaller set of hand clippers and clipped the sides and back closely making them almost bald. The good thing was the transition from the bald sides and back to the top quarter inch was very smooth. As a result the cut looked very good.
The cut was repeated on Chandru next. Looking at him being clippered started making me horny. My long felt dream of his having clippered sides and back and a crew cut had become true. I was itching to run my hands on his bald sides and prickly top. But now, I was the one next under the clippers.
The feeling of the clippers cutting the hair at my temple leaving a grey patch behind (as seen in the mirror) and small hairs falling sent me to heaven. I hoped the feeling would be good all through the process. Especially, when he pushed my head down for cutting at the back and the cluk-cluk sound started at the nape I was about to cum. When comb passed over the top of my head for the close cropping by scissors it was another heavenly experience. The best came when the smaller set of clippers made their journey all round my head almost shaving the sides bald. It was a miracle that I could resist cumming in my panties.
I went home unabashedly feeling my bald sides all through in full public view. After bath and food I put Pranav to sleep and dragged Chandru to bed room. Seeing this, m-i-l understood and said "Enjoy". The afternoon sex with Chandru that day was one of the best and highly noisy. Both of us lost all inhibitions and the sexiest language was used which could be heard by my m-i-l. For two hours we fucked and fucked, he filling all my three holes with his dick one after the other and cumming in them. Not satisfied, he cummed on my freshly clippered nape and spread the cum on the sides by his hand.
He declared that henceforth he will keep this style only. He told me that I should also keep this style. Now I was in a dilemma. I was aiming for a boycut but he was suggesting a crew cut like his mother. It was feeling and looking good but I still yearned for a boycut. I said as much to Chandru. After a lot of haggling he commanded "OK. You can grow out a bit and go for a boy cut but on the condition that the sides and back should be clippered like now." So finally I agreed that I would keep the sides and back clippered close and the top just sufficient to comb – may be about an inch at the back and an inch and a half in the front. Immediately he once more thrust his cock into my mouth and fucked it. And as he came again I swallowed all his cum noisily.
That evening when Chandru had gone out with Pranav for a walk, m-i-l giggled and told me "I heard you two making it out noisily. Good. Keep it up. A good sex life will do both of you good. I also heard your choicest epithets during your fucking. That is also good if you keep those words among yourself. Let not the youngsters hear them at a young age. Anyway, can you repeat some of them before Chandru returns?" For a moment I was awestruck at her request. But I composed myself, giggled and repeated almost all of those sexy words we had used. I also told her how her son drilled my holes. She giggled and giggled. Since then, once in a while I used to describe to her my sex with Chandru when Pranav was sleeping.
My m-i-l and Chandru got their heads shorn to crew cut every month. I also got my monthly haircut but the top was not trimmed as close but the sides got clippered. In three months I had enough length to have a boyish style. But the sides and back continued to be clippered bald. I had got hooked to the style. My parents said "Finally you have achieved your dream". I decided that I would maintain the style henceforth

Being the second pregnancy, I did not have to go to the parents' house for post delivery care. I chose to be with m-i-l and husband. Three days before the possible delivery date, I told my wish to give birth with a bald head. My m-i-l readily agreed. But I did not want to scale the barber's chair with my protruding tummy. So Chandru brought the barber to my house with his implements. At home, I was made to sit on a stool. I refused to be draped. Let the hair pieces fall on my clothes and body I said. I had skipped the previous month's haircut. So the hair had grown quite long – about three inches on top and an inch on the sides and back.
The barber took his hand clippers, bent my head fully forward and clipped away high up my head and over the occipital bone. For the first time in my life the clippers touched my forehead clearing the hair there. After clippering all over my head with the big clippers, he took the smaller clippers and repeated the process. My entire head became bald with a sandpaper texture. My m-i-l, my parents, my brother apart from my husband and young Pranav were witness to this strange desire of mine. Pieces of hair entered my blouse and a lot had collected on my tummy carrying my new child inside. Oh! it was a heavenly feeling. I decided that I deliver all my future children in this way only. We had decided, by the way, to have at least four children.
My m-i-l surprised everyone by sitting on the stool vacated by me and asking the barber to repeat the same on her head also. So in about 15 minutes her head also became sandpapery bald. M-i-l and d-i-l were ‘baldily’ ready to welcome a new baby and tend to him/her. The cut hair of the two was collected, packed and kept away to be dropped in Tirupati three months after my delivery.
The hospital staff including the doctor and nurses giggled a lot looking at a bald lady about to deliver. Anyway, the delivery was normal and the child was a girl. We name her Shaalini.
Three months later, we all made our annual trip to Tirupati. The hair clippered at home before delivery was dropped in the hair hundi at Kalyanakatta. Including me all the four in our house got tonsured again smooth. Only the newborn was not touched for now.
My brother Vijay's marriage had been fixed by now and was supposed to be held four months after our Tirumala trip. About a week before the marriage I had my brand boycut, though a bit shorter on top than usual. My m-i-l and Chandru had their brand crew cuts while Pranav was shorn close with scissors. Clippering on him would start after he reached five years of age. The bride, Kamala, giggled seeing our hairstyles. She was awestruck seeing our photos with bald heads. A week later she confided in me that she also wished to get her head tonsured at least once in Tirupati. Would my parents and Vijay approve?
By now Vijay had softened his stand on crewcut and liked my bald head. When I broached the subject of Kamala's wish, he did not say no but said that Amma would not accept. I told Amma myself about Kamala's wish. Instead of becoming wild she brightened up with joy. She said she would welcome it but could she wait till she delivers her first child?
When I told about this to Kamala, she almost leapt with joy. Nine months later she gave birth to a girl who was named Vimala. Eight months later, I had my third child, another girl, again with my head shorn bald at home. We named the child Maalini. Three months later we all made a trip to Tirupati – m-i-l, Chandru, myself, Pranav, Shaalini, three month old Maalini, Appa, Amma, Vijay, Kamala, Vimala who was supposed to be tonsured for the first time, Kamala's parents, her brother and his wife, their 3 year old son – 5 gents, 6 ladies, two young boys, two young girls and a female baby – 16 in all. The surprise news was Amma, Kamala's amma, Kamala's sister-in-law were also going to tonsure. I knew no bounds of joy. So barring young Maalini all the remainging 15 returned with nice bald heads and joyful hearts. My experience had given encouragement to others and none chose to wear a scarf.

Shaalini’s ‘bald’ marriage
By now annual Tirumala tonsure, boycut with clippered sides and back in between, clippered tonsure before delivery of a child had become my standard routine. Chandru and I decided that boy or girl, all our children should sport clippered sides and back with short hair on top, along with annual Tirumala tonsure – this till they are married off and later it would be their choice.
After Maalini turned 11 month old, only her head was tonsured in Tirupati, a special trip to the holy place for the purpose. Four months later we made our annual trip to Tirupati and all the six – the three elders and the three kids got tonsured. But unfortunately, two months later my m-i-l had a severe heart attack and died before reaching hospital. She was 69 but looked around 60. She had her monthly crew cut the previous day. Respecting her great desire for head tonsuring we cremated her after tonsuring her head fully. Of course, Chandru readily agreed to tonsure his head for the rites. By then I had missed my periods for the second consecutive month. So my fourth child was on the way.
Seven months later, as usual with a freshly clippered bald head I delivered one more girl and we named her Kaamini. We also decided that four kids were enough and I went for a tubectomy operation. Kaamini also was tonsured in Tirupati when she became 11 month old.
The family now settled into annual Tirumala tonsure for all in June/July and clippered crewcuts for the two males and short clippered boycuts for the girls. I continued with clippered boycut. In addition I opted for a clippered bald head for myself in March every year just to enjoy the clipper all over my head. So for about two months in a year I am bald, with crew cut for about 4 months and for the remaining six months I sport a short boy cut with clippered back and sides. I am continuing this routine even now.
As the girls grew up they also liked the style we had imposed on them and enjoyed their monthly shearing in the barber shop and the annual mottai at Tirumala. Our family was termed `boycut house' by some neighbours and 'mottai house' by some others. My mother, Kamala and Kamala's sister-in-law settled into a five yearly Tirupati mottai for themselves and their kids including female ones. While Amma and Kamala said that they would not cut their hair or Kamala’s daughter’s hair in between, Kamala's s-i-l decided to keep her hair a short boycut – not clippered but scissored short - in between five yearly Tirupati mottais. As for her only daughter she preferred clippered boycut till she attained 15 years of age.
When Shaalini completed her 8th standard she made two requests. One to get clippered all over along with me that March and to grow her hair long over the next two years after that year’s Tirupati mottai in June. She wanted to offer long hair in Tirupati after she passed her 10th standard. Of course, she liked the boycut and she would continue with that after 10th standard. This put us in a dilemma. We could not refuse her religious request, at the same time we could not go back on our decision of boycut till their marriage. But the feelings of young minds won the case and we permitted her to grow her hair long uncut after the Tirupati tonsure of that year. She entered 9th standard with a freshly shaven pate. Two years later when her 10th standard results came, she had about 16 inch long hair, long enough to be plaited. She was brimming with joy when her long hair was shaved off by the barber in Tirupati that June. The same pattern was followed for her sisters also.
By the by, Chandrakant became highly successful in his career and became a Senior Manager in his bank. All his colleagues appreciate my short clippercut. I attend the marriages of friends and relatives with confidence and pride – be my head bald or with a boy cut. But I never sacrificed the bindi, nose stud, the earstuds and bangles. Never do I apply lipstick. Even today we follow the practice of annual Tirumala tonsure and annual clippershave. This consistency has earned me a lot of admiration.
When Pranav was in his first year BE my father passed away. Two years later my mother also passed away. On both occasions Vijay got fully tonsured for the rites and we all skipped haircuts for three months. My mother, introduced to headshaves when her grand daughter, Vimala was 11 months old, had five headshaves at Tirupati. Her third Tirupati shave was a month before my father passed away. After that, she kept her head straight razor shaved (with only water but no shaving cream) every month. She went to Tirupati along with us the next two years and tonsured whatever growth was there. Two months after the last Tirupati shave, she had a massive heart attack. She recovered a little. She told Vijay that after her end she should be fully shaved before cremating her. She also requested Kamala, her d-i-l, to continue the tradition of five yearly tonsures for herself and all the kids. Kamala readily agreed. But three days later she had another attack and could not recover.

When Shaalini completed 18 years, we had her nose pierced so she could wear a small nose stud. This was done a month before we went for our annual Tirumala tonsure trip. She wanted her left nostril to be pierced. She looked extremely beautiful after that year’s Tirupati headshave – nice earrings, nose stud, bangles, bindi and a nice bald head. The same thing was done to her younger sisters when they turned 18. Maalini chose her right nostril to be pierced while Kaamini chose left nostril.
When Pranav passed his BE he was 22. He expressed a wish to continue his education and he completed his MBA. He got a high value job in an MNC after his MBA. After the first month salary came, he, at the age of 25, went to Tirupati alone, walked up the hills, offered 50% of his salary to the hundi and got mottaied as thanksgiving. Three months later it was the season of family tonsure. By now Shaalini, 23, was working as a Junior Doctor in a Nursing Home after completing her MBBS in distinction with two gold medals. Maalini was studying her final year Law course. Kaamini had completed second year BE in Mechanical Engineering. Shaalini told me that when she first entered the Nursing Home with a fresh crew cut, almost everyone including some patients giggled. She just smiled at all of them. Now, by June she had completed eight months in the Nursing Home. She had earned a very good reputation as a capable and sincere young lady doctor.
In June we all went to Tirupati on our annual ‘mottai’ pilgrimage and the six of us got tonsured fully as usual. The convocation for Shaalini’s degree was held three days later. She received her gold medals with bald head and the photos were there in some newspapers. I was pleasantly surprised that three days later we started receiving marriage proposals for her. In two months time there were six proposals. Being religious, we saw the horoscope and zeroed in on three boys. While two of the proposals did not mind her continuing her short hair style and annual tonsure, the third said they wanted her to grow her hair fully and stop cutting it altogether. She rejected that proposal. Of the other two, one seemed to suit her very well. We chose that. The boy (about 27 years) also was from a good family, free from bad habits, had a good job in an MNC and actually appreciated Shaalini’s rare hairstyle. He preferred her to continue that style. In fact, if all elders agreed he would marry her when she is completely bald. The boy’s parents did not mind it at all. They said if their son wishes it so, they would also join in and become bald.
So it was arranged that the marriage would take place in Tirupati that November. The day before marriage, all the six of us, the bridegroom and his parents, his two elder sisters (aged 31 and 29), their husbands, their four kids (two girls and two boys), three of our other relatives (all men), four of the groom’s relatives (a family of husband, wife, two daughters of 10 and 8) – in all 12 males and 12 females – got fully tonsured. After Lord Venkateshwara’s Darshan, marriage and return, the couple had a three day honeymoon to Kodaikanal with bald heads. Ten days after the marriage, a reception was held in Bangalore. The new couple, the groom’s parents, the five of our family all got our heads nicely clippered bald on the morning of the reception. A barber came to our house for the purpose. He finished the nine people in about one and half hours. It was a strange but refreshingly happy sight when the bald couple sat on the reception chairs and welcomed everybody with huge smiles. Shaalini is continuing with her annual mottai and crew cut in between even now, three years and two kids after her marriage.

Savita becomes a baldy
We had started looking for a bride for Pranav. Three months after Shaalini’s marriage, we got a good match for him. Of course, the bride’s family – her parents, her two elder brothers and herself giggled a lot at my and my daughters’ haircuts. But that did not come in the way of their proceeding on the alliance. The bride, 22 year old BA graduate Savita was not in employment. She had found it difficult to get a suitable groom. Everyone was demanding huge dowry. This was her fifth trial. And by the by she had thick, dense hair reaching her bum.
Our conditions were this. She should stay home with us as a housewife and learn to live within the income of her husband. She should beget at least four children – male or female. She should harmonise with myself, Chandru, Pranav and my daughters without raking up family feuds. She must pierce her right nostril and wear a simple nose stud. She must continue our short hair and bald traditions. Of course, I am against dowry and I said as much. A simple marriage in a holy place like Tirupati and a simple Reception in Bangalore would be okay.
At the condition of going bald, everyone in her family including Savita baulked. We offered a concession. Her first shave could be after her first child became two years old. Later her father reportedly told them “After all it is hair, nowadays many ladies prefer short hair, and many do go bald once in a while, so it is no big deal. We cannot afford dowry. This family is good. Let us agree for the alliance.”
I learnt a few years later that Savita did not want to let go of the opportunity of a good bridegroom without dowry. At the same time she did not want to part with her hair. With pressure from her father, she thought “I will agree now. What they are saying now is to be implemented about three years hence. They would have forgotten about it or might not care about it then.” With this scheme only she had agreed for the marriage.
Two days later, they conveyed their agreement for the alliance with the condition that no haircut for Savita now. The marriage would take place three months later in Tirupati, just like that of Shaalini, except of course that the bride and her parents would not go bald.
The appointed day came. Again all the five of us – Chandru, myself, Pranav, Maalini, Kaamini - got mottaied in Tirumala, the day before marriage. Even Shaalini and her husband got mottaied though she was five months pregnant. Among the groom’s family, the two brothers of Savita got tonsured. So a bald Pranav married a long haired Savita.
When she entered our house and settled, she was horrified to hear the noisy fucking between myself and Chandru. She asked Pranav “Why can’t they be a little more silent and discrete?” Pranav replied that that was our style and we expect the same from him and her. She was horrified at first. She said that such behaviour and sexual talk are bad and uncultured. I told her that she was right generally, but within ourselves and unheard by kids there is nothing wrong. But later over several weeks I convinced her that it was okay to do so. Gradually I also taught her the dirty language and different sexual tricks and postures. In four months in our house, she had become ‘our’ girl in this – she could excel me in the dirtiness of her sexual language and I could hear their fucking noises very well. Now she is happy that she learnt all the dirty talk from me. She was happy that I was happy to hear that.
A year after marriage Savita gave birth to a girl and we named her Gayatri. Three months later, our lawyer daughter, Maalini got married in Tirupati in a way similar to Shaalini - all our household bald (except Savita and her kid), the groom and his parents also bald the day before the marriage. By then Kaamini had finished her engineering and entered employment in a public sector company. She is continuing her short hair style there also.
Now four months ago, Savita gave birth to a boy whom we named Shravan. By now Gayatri was about twenty months old. Five more months and her mottai should take place as per our timetable. Now Savita was becoming a bit nervous about her impending tonsure. In the second pregnancy, she had lost some of her hair. It had shrunk to her waist level. She started expressing a desire not to shave.
She is otherwise happy in the family. We two have struck a nice chord. Myself and Chandru are still active sexually though the frequency has come down to around twice or thrice a week. We occupy neighbouring rooms where each can hear the others’ sounds and sexual talk. We are happy about it. Just like I used to share some dirty talk with my m-i-l Savita also does the same with me. Occasionally a close friend of hers drops in and she regales her with her sexcapades and both laugh loudly.
But parting with her long hair for ever became a bit difficult for her and she said so. So I made a ploy for that. For starters she could get it shaved along with Gayatri’s mottai and have a nice clipper cut like myself three months later. If she did not like it she could start growing it fully. Even this did not make her agree.
But her father had a good memory. He once came with his wife and enquired when their daughter would be tonsured. I told him to ask his daughter. Seeing her reluctant countenance, he all but shouted - “Look, Savita, though you belong to this house now, the condition of marriage was put when you were with us. You must respect it. Come on, agree on some date.”
Now, reluctantly she agreed. But that would not do for me. I told her parents that I would convince her. The next day, when she came to me to speak of her sexcapade the previous night, I totally ignored her. For a week I did not properly talk to her. She understood that it was because of her reluctant acceptance to go bald. She became tearful. She had developed a deep attachment to me, similar to the way I had been attached to my m-i-l. She was in a severe dilemma, whether to please me or keep her hair. She broke down explaining her dilemma.
I repeated my offer of allowing her to grow her hair long after a mottai and a clipper cut. She said she would think it over. Pranav also started egging on her. Next evening she went to buy vegetables and I accompanied her. To our surprise the roadside female vendor from whom we normally bought vegetables had come tonsured. She had not bothered to cover her head. When Savita asked her where she got tonsured she happily ran her left palm on her smooth head and said with a smile ‘In Palani’.

As we were bargaining the price of onions a young couple came to the same vendor. And surprise, both were bald and the lady, like her husband, happily sported her bald head without covering it. The vendor asked that lady where she got it done. The lady replied with a smile ‘Tirupati’. Savita looked at that bald lady wide eyed which the latter ignored. The lady must have been around 25 and looked exceedingly beautiful in spite of no hair. The lady continued to talk to the bald female vendor – ‘We completed our new house. My f-i-l got a senior position in his office. (Pointing towards her bald husband) His brother also got a new job. So in the wake of all this, f-i-l said we will go to Tirupati and those liking to get tonsures could do so. Himself, his two sons readily said they would. The elder daughter-in-law requested that she also be allowed. To my surprise m-i-l said she also would tonsure. Of course his brother’s 3 year old daughter and our one year old son would be tonsured. That left only me. So I said I would also tonsure. Thus the entire family is bald and I am happy that I did it. Everybody says it suits me fine.’ With that she giggled happily albeit with a hint of shyness.
While returning from vegetable purchase, Savita was smiling all through. I could make out that seeing the young married lady with a bald head and she going around with it happily broke some inhibitions in her. That evening she capitulated. With a smile she agreed to get tonsured happily. With that I hugged her and broke the temporary standoff between us. The Tirupati programme was fixed and the next day she was her usual self, explaining happily how a overjoyed Pranav banged her anus the previous night.
So last month we all went to Tirupati for our annual mottai session. Savita’s parents could not accompany. All of our household (Chandru, myself, Kaamini, Pranav, Savita, Gayatri) would be tonsured bald. Only young Shravan would not be tonsured this time. And we would be witnessing the shearing of long tresses from a family member after a long time. I was also getting excited. After the mundan of Gayatri and the mottai of all, it was the turn of Savita. She sat down with a smile but nervousness was showing. I assured her there was nothing to worry.
As usual, the barber wetted her hair thoroughly. As he massaged her head to wet the hair, she started smiling benignly. I told the barber not to tie the hair in two knots, rather leave the entire hair free. I also told him to start shaving from the rear. The barber put the blade in the razor, bent her head fully down and scraped a patch from her crown to her nape. Immediately, she smiled again with trembling and open lips. I asked her to close her lips lest hair enter her mouth. She complied with a smile. I think the sensation of getting the first cut in her life was really good for her. As the tonsure progressed her smile became wider.
In two minutes the rear and the sides had been shaved off. Now the front remained. The barber lifted her head up, scraped a patch from the bald crown to the forehead making the hair fall to her lap. She smiled some more. In another minute, her head was totally bald. The barber ran the blade all over once again making the head smooth.
Savita rose up with a benign and large smile and tears in her eyes – clearly tears of joy. She hugged me and said “This is so good and satisfying. I should have done this long ago. I am sorry to have resisted so far, amma.”
Back home she cannot control her happiness with her bald head. She almost continuously caresses her own bald head and once in a while others’ also. She looks extremely gorgeous with her flawless nice round head, wide eyes and close ears. She is proudly walking around with her bare, bald head, occasionally caressing it with her left hand. Instead of waiting for three months, she wanted a clipper headshave in three weeks. So last week, I took her to barber for a full clipper mottai. She enjoyed that also. She has suggested to her mother also that she, i.e. her mother, should also shave her head once. It would be worth it.
Now, she has rejected my offer of allowing her to grow her hair long. She will follow my example – clippered boy cut and annual tonsure – for herself and her children. The next two of her children will be delivered after becoming a baldi like I did. So it is good bye to long hair for her and a happy good bye at that. And just like I did long back with Chandru, she is also enjoying regular, great, noisy fuck sessions with Pranav. From a very shy long haired girl she has been transformed into a bold, naughty, fun-loving, bald young mother of two.
Now I am looking forward to marrying off Kaamini and I hope to do so similar to Shaalini and Maalini – marriage at Tirupati and a ‘bald’ reception in Bangalore a week or ten days later.
Of course, I have taught all my daughters and also daughter-in-law the dirty sexual language, when to use it and how to use it. I have given them tips on various sexual postures and techniques. Both Shaalini and Maalini and of course Savita have reported that they have applied it with their husbands and their sex life is great. I hope Kaamini also will be similarly successful.
Also, the important papers of myself and all my children – driving license, passport, voter’s ID card – carry bald photos only. Savita so far does not have a driving license or passport. We will get it done for her with her bald photos.
Savita has suggested with a giggle that since some grey is seen on my head, it would be advisable that I keep it clipper shaved all over every fortnight instead of a boy cut. If we could purchase an electric clipper with attachments, she would be very happy to mow my head once in a fortnight. I could grow it for about two months before the annual Tirupati trip. I think it is a good idea. Even Chandru has enthusiastically supported Savita’s view. After Kaamini’s marriage, I hope to do it.
Anyway, with my m-i-l’s example and egging on, Chandru’s dramatic change of attitude, my own in-born inclination for clippered haircuts and my parents’ support, I have been able to start a happy and beautiful family of ultra short hair. And in my parental home, Kamala and Vimala are happy to have five yearly bald cycle. Vimala has said that she will also continue the five yearly bald cycle even after getting married and having children.
The End

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