Friday, 11 January 2013

One evening, I went to barbershop, but I couldn't find the on duty barber. A man (who runs a grocery shop just beside the barbershop) told that barber have an urgent work so he took a break from his duty, he would be back after sometime. I thanked the man, and started browsing the magazines, in the waiting area. Just then a young girl of about 19-20 years with hip length hair entered the shop, I was quite surprised as in my country girls generally don't have their haircut in barbershops which are dominated by male customers. She saw that the barber's chair is vacant and sat on it. I didn't object, as it would be nice to skip turn if I can see the haircut of such girl. I was staring at her, when she caught me and said, "When will you serve your customer". I replied, "I am not a barber here, but a customer". She apologized for her mistake. I was thinking at the moment why did I tell her, I am not the barber, I could have easily given her a haircut, at least could have cut some inches of her long hair.

Then she started conversation with me. I asked her name, she replied Piya, and I told mine. Then, I asked her, "When did you cut your hair last time?" told me she has her last haircut in barbershop when she was about 10years old. Then she only trimmed her hairs at home. I questioned, "Then why are you here in this barbershop, to have a haircut? It would be better if you go to some parlor or salon to have such long hair cut properly. These barbers are not good at long hairs". She asked, "What made you believe that I am here for a haircut". I replied, “what else can you do here?" she told that she I her for her head shave. I was surprised at hearing this; she explained that her marks in her last examination are really poor. She had vowed that, if she doesn't come in top 5 in college ranking, she would just cut all her hair. This is a self punishment for her. On hearing this, I was speechless for a few seconds. She then said, don't be upset it’s just hair, it will grow back. I pretend to be upset, but from inside I was very happy, that I would see a long haired girl getting her head shaved. I told her you are mad, she laughed at that, and said, "Yes I know, my father and mother also told the same thing". Then she asked do you know where the barber is, I conveyed hermessage, given to me by that man. She was then a little distressed. She told," the barber is not submissive to his duty, I am getting late".

Then suddenly she asked, "Can you shave my head". I was taken aback; I stammered and said," I think I can't". My inner mind was shouting at me “you should have said yes". She showed a gesture of annoyance. Then again after sometimes, she told me, "just try it, it’s just a head shave, no need to keep a check on hairline, or length, just buzz it. And if something went wrong barber will fix it when he comes" This time I couldn't resist; I got up from the waiting chair, went near her and covered her with a cape, lying close to the chair she is sitting. She said, "now you are a good boy." I checked the drawers in the shop and found 2 pairs of scissor, 3 combs, 1 clipper, 2 straight razors, and a tube of shaving cream. I took the comb, opened her hair which was tied in a bun, and started to comb it and told her, "last chance for you to think, if you really want to cut your hair", she said, "relax, hair is mine, you don't have to worry". I kept the scissor just below her shoulder and then ssccrruunnchh sccrruunnchhssccrruunnchh with scissor. About 6 inches of hair was cut, and was lying in the floor. She shouted at me, “I didn't ask for a trim Mr. Barber." I replied' “wait your highness". Then I partition her hair and started cutting small bits off from her hair. Gradually her lap was covered with hair. I reduced her hair to chin length, though at some places it is close to scalp. I was feeling lucky that the barber didn't come by that time. She again shouted," by this time could have shaven my head myself. I ignored that. I then started cutting her rest hair close to scalp, which took a great time. After showing her the buzzed head, I told her, “it will now take just 5 more minutes". She replied, “Buzzing could have been done using clippers in 3 minutes. I defended, “I don't know how to operate the clippers." after saying this I lathered her head with shaving cream and started shaving her hair. After this the whole process is complete.

She said thanks and gave me 500 rupee note, telling me salon would charge me the same, if she would have her head shave there. I didn't take it and said this is a barbershop; here the fees would be about 30 rupee. She took a 20 rupee note and 10 rupee note. I took the 20 rupee note, and told her to clean the floor with me, which would earn you 10 rupee. She laughed and started cleaning with me. The dustbin lying in the corner was fully filled with her waist length hair. We exchanged phone numbers and she left the shop. The barber came 10 minutes later. He apologized to me, and told me to sit in barber’s chair. He quickly did my hair within 5 min. While paying him I paid him 50 rupee. He was surprised and told," why are you giving me tip today? I have wasted so much of your time". I just told him," You have given me once in a life time experience" and left the shop.
About 2 years later

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