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Well everybody must be knowing about the Indian women and about their hair. Well 80% of the Indian women have their hair below their waist. Indian women never ever in their life go for hair cut to a barber they just keep on growing them out. They really have the best quality of the hair in the world thanks to their regular oiling.
But in today in 21st century they are revolting against the long hair (traditional customs) as they don't have enough time to maintain them.. And they finally started preferring short styles.
Well this story is about a young Indian woman in her early 20's. Well while traveling in a bus in south India I saw a young beautiful lady get in the bus. You wont believe her hair length was below her bums that those hair were braided and imagine how long it would get once they left open. Her hair was damn thick. The whole journey I kept looking at her hair. I wanted to get in some kind of conversation. So finally I changed my seat and I sat next to her. I knew that this bus was going to last for about an 2 or more hours. As I sat to her we remembered we have seen each other earlier and remembered that she was in the same college I was in. well at the start we started talking about the college life and thereafter. I finally started to talk about her hair and she liked as I started complimenting her hair. But I also said that how do you maintain such a long hair in such a busy modern life. So I discovered that she wasn't employed anywhere and she was goin to find a job. So I asked that why don't you try becoming a hair hostess and first she laughed but I convinced her about her beauty and her wonderful hair.
She told me that she was leaving with her sister only. As soon as we got of the bus I took her to a Air Hostess academy. People at reception said that she had really beautiful face but she had to get herself a modern look with make up , stylish clothes and a haircut. So the people took her into their grooming section. She had never gone to beauty clinic. The hair specialist said that she will have to cut her hair short to get her excellent look. As soon she heard it she ran away from there toward the waiting room. She said to me that didn't want to become a air hostess if she had to cut he hair. But after a convincing her for about a day she got ready to cut her hair.
But she told that she wont let haircut by that stylist. So I as my dream come true I told her that I myself was a hairstylist in the city. So that day we decided that I would cut her hair tomorrow in the morning and then after the cut she go to stylist for remaining change over.
In the evening I told we should go out to bring accessories to cut her hair and again she started crying. So I left her alone in the hotel room and I went for shopping. This was first time I would ever cut someone hair so I decided to buy best quality of accessories. So I dropped near by shop I bought a cape, a very sharp scissor, water sprayer and two combs. And this all cost me bout rupees 1000 ($ 200).
When I returned back to the hotel I saw that she still was crying and this she had left her hair open. I marveled at that length I had reached almost her knees. So the morning finally arrived. I told her to wash her hair but before that I took some photos of her hair with my mobile. She was pretty okay by now and she wasn't crying as yesterday As she was bathing I arranged all the accessories on the grooming table and started sketch on piece of paper of what kind of hair cut I should give her and I finally decided that I would give her chin length bob. So I kept the sketch on the table. Finally she came out of the bathroom with her long washed hair. So I made her stand near the table to I could cut her hair easily as cutting her hair while seating wasn't possible. I started combing out her and I started to soothe her. I saw that she was lost in her own thought and her eyes almost wet.
After I had removed all the tangles from her hair I told that everything's ready, she couldn't speak a word. Finally she told me to go on with the hair cut. So I tied a pony at very bottom of her hair and another pony at a slightly below shoulder length. Pony's were so tight that not a single hair would come loose. She already seen the sketch so she knew what exactly I was going to do. I again took some photographs of her hair. Finally I took the scissor and I slowly started to cut her thick black hair. SCRUNCH SCRUNCH and finally the pony came of and I immediately took the pony and kept on the bed. She started crying after seeing her departed pony and her remaining hair in the mirror. After minutes I told that the we still need to cut her hair short. So I finally cut remaining hair above the shoulder and finally curled it too give her classic chin length bobcut. I tell you really looked more better that her long hair.
Once her hair was dried I styled her hair with her hair parted in the middle and her front her tucked behind her ears. Finally she stood near the mirror was touching her hair. Finally she thanked me for the haircut and she said that she happy with new haircut but was sad about loosing years of her long hair. She said that she never observed that she had such a beautiful hair and took some photographs. I kept her pony tail in my bag.
Finally we left for Air Hostess Academy and people down there were really shocked to see her new haircut and everyone complimented that she was looking more beautiful than ever. After an hour she came out of the grooming section of the academy I wont believe that she was same girl I had seen in the bus for first time. She had wore short skirt and suit like jacket same as air hostess clothes. Her photos were sent to leading airliners and she was finally selected for Emirates Airline and she how receives salary of $2000.
And we still are dating each other....i hope to give more haircuts to her...

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