Friday, 11 January 2013

I am anitha and let me share my experience of getting a mottai or gundu done in a barber shop and also i would narrate the reason why i chose to shave my head. I have hair upto my elbows and it was not thick and denser.

A small intro about me and backdrop of how the thought came:

I am 18yrs old studying 1st yr of college. two weeks back i vacated from the hostel and got stayed in my cousin sister's room in a private hostel. She is Divya and working as a trainee lecturer in a college. I know her from my childhood days and lost contacts when i was in my college hostel. She had a denser and lengthy hair till her waists when i saw her a year back. But to my surprise now she is sporting short length hair with much more denser strands of hair. and for my eyes she looked like an angel even though she had short hair. i thought she had gone for some haircut and did something in parlour to get that much thicker and denser hair.

The next moment i asked her about what she did to her hair and why did she cut it short. I was thrown back the moment she said that her head was shaven last july due to hairfall problem. I never knew about it before. and she also said that it was bec of it she got softer, thicker and denser hair. The next thought that came to my mind was to shave my head. But there were so many questions in my mind like how will i look, how ppl will react, how long will it take to grow back, will i also get that much denser and thicker hair as of my cousin divya,etc. But only one thing erupted out of it - to have my head shaved to stop hairfall.


It would not be possible to shave my head without divya's permission. so i thought of asking her about it last weekend. On saturday she came a bit earlier and i took her to terrace and asked about her shaving experience. Without any gap, she narrated the experience of head shave done in her native place. and finally she asked whether am i interested in head shaving? I replied yes. She started yelling for a little time but finally got convinced as i said i want to experience it. i was not interested in going parlours. So the only way was to get it done in barber shop as the hostel doesnt allow outsiders to visit the rooms.


Divya said that i have become crazy on head shave. Soon we had our dinner and headed to one of the barber shop near our hostel. To our surprise there wasnt any single men sitting inside the shop. I stepped in and asked him to shave the head. he asked repeatedly whether i am joking. Then he made me to sit in a chair and covered my neck with a white cotton lengthy cloth. I had wore a clip on my hair and asked whether shall i remove it. He said no and started cleaning his electric razor. I was a bit afraid on seeing the elec razor and said no for elec razor. Soon fear erupted when he inserted a new blade in razor. my confidence level went down the moment he removed clip and he poured water on my head and started dabbing my head, i cried at the beginning and closed my eyes.. After that he made a tight bun at the back of my head. It was so tight that i felt someone is pulling all my hairs. in no time he took razor and started to scrap from my forehead. I started enjoying that sound of scrapping the head with razor. he scrapped from front to back all the way from centre, right and leftside. soon the entire bun of hair fell behind with a bum sound. I felt someone has removed a mountain from my head. then he started to reverse the shaving from back to front. then he shaved my forehead above the eyebrows and on cheeks near ears. He asked me to open the eyes and was shocked to recognise myself in the mirror. My cousin clapped and congratulated me on this new pose. she checked for any leftout hair/scratches on my head. I touched it for the first time and wow, it was so smooth and shining. I couldnt resist but kept on touching my smooth head. My cousin divya said to the barber to shave it once in 3 days. I was amazed on hearing this. while coming, i didnt cover my head, so i felt my head was aerodynamiclly modified as the breeze went above and back of my head. I had a cold water bath and felt my head was so cool. I had regrets of losing it but i lost it to get that back stronger and denser. Its been a nice experience and i love to enjoy it again for atleast 10 shaves in the next 30days after that i will allow it to grow.

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