Friday, 11 January 2013

Now let me explain you my experience about my GUNDU. As it was my last day with my hair, i gave it a wash once in morning and also gave a hot oil massage in the evening. Once it was dry, I wore a nice saree and went to a nearest photoshop and took photo - both passport size and post card size with my hair on my front. After that i had to attend my fren´ s sister marriage reception for which all my frens came. So i attended it and told my frens that i´ m going to shave my head tonight. They just laughed and didn´ t believe me. TWO OF MY FRENS HAD A BET WITH ME THAT THEY WOULD ALSO SHAVE THEIR HEAD IF I SHAVE MINE. I invited all my frens for lunch tomorrow, so that they would be astonished to see my Shining Gundu. As it was nearing 9, i bid adieu from them as my barber asked me to visit his saloon(I spoke to barber previously to come to my home and shave, as i have hair upto my thighs he asked me to come to saloon at night before closing). I thought of changing my dress before shaving, but as time wasn´ t there, I went in saree itself.

I reached there by 9.10pm. He was eagerly waiting for me. As he saw me in saree he dropped his jaw and asked me whether have i come for headshave really. I replied yes in a slight tone as i got tensed once i entered the saloon. Then he pulled down the screen on the glass door so that no one sees that i´ m doing head shave in men´ s saloon.

Then he asked me to sit in the rolling chair comfortably. I asked him whether do i need to untie my plaited hair. He smilingly said no, by filling water in the sprayer. Later he brought a black lengthy cloth and tied it on my neck covering my clothes and body.

By 9.15pm, he untied my plaited hair and combed it for 5mins with hair brush. Then he came back and sneaked his fingers into my scalp and massaged in a rolling manner for few mins. Then he took the sprayer and sprayed water on my front side of hair above my forehead. Later he sprayed on the right side and left side by taking sprayer iinside my hairs and atlast finished it at the back. he sprayed for more than 2mins and quickly sprayed almost half litre of water.

Then again he started dabbing my head with his hand and massaged my head. I was really excited to experience this. I was smiling and he asked me why - I said i liked this style of massaging. Then he took hairbrush and brushed the hair from front to back. he didnt make partition of hair and didn´ t put a knot in the hair. then he made a hair bun on my head and sprayed some more water on the hairbun. When i asked him why, he said that it would be irritating for you if the hair is not softened before shaving. Then he took a new razor and fixed a new blade in it.

The moment he took the razor in his hand. there was some sadness as i am going to loose my lengthy hair and there was some eagerness to feel the experience of GUNDU. By 9.30pm, He untied the bun and turned the chair so that i dont see the mirror. Then he kept the razor on my forehead and asked me to close my eyes if i´ m afraid or frightened. I said no in a loud voice. Immediately he started to scrap the razor from front of my head to back. then he shifted on to the right and left side by side. I was really sad cum excited when long hair fell on the cloth. Everytime the razor scraped my head i liked that scrapping sound. i felt that my head was kept inside a freezer of the fridge as i felt very chill while shaving. Soon i felt some weight has been reduced from my head. by 9.40pm, i thought everything got over. Then he rubbed his hand on my head and i asked him whether is it over. he said no. Then he took shaving gel(some kind of stuff from GILLETTE) and applied it on my scalp. Then he changed the blade and now he scraped it in the opposite direction(from back to front). Later he completed by scrapping it on my cheeks on the face. Then he took the cloth that was tied to my neck and rubbed my GUNDU and face with a towel. Now he rolled the chair so that i could see my new GUNDU face. I was really flabbergasted to see my new face and i really liked it. As i was wearing saree, i really liked it to pose bald head in saree. Then after paying him, i came home. He asked me to cover my GUNDU with saree´ s pallu.

Fortunately no one saw me as the streets were empty by 9.55pm, so i didnt cover my GUNDU with saree´ s pallu. I enjoyed the chill air that passed my head. My mum saw and she hugged me saying that i looked pretty in saree with head shave. She asked me to go to coll in sarees till hair grows for 2inches. I said YES happily. For my excitement, she said that the barber would come and shave me once in 3 days for the next 10 days and also asked me to shave it to SUPER SMOOTH SHINING again on the previous day of coll reopening.

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