Friday, 11 January 2013

On 12th September night we reached to Tirupati and taken one room for taking rest. On Tuesday morning we started at 04:00 from tirupati and reached to Alipiri at 04:30 and started walking to Tirulama at 04:45 and reached to Tirumala at 11:15 a.m. Immediately we reached to Tirumala we visited to small Kalyanakatta which is nearby to luggage counter to build up the courage. There we saw one daughter and mother who are having very lengthy hair (upto buttock length) where the mother is encouraging her child (9 - 10 years) to shave her head (jet black thick buttock length) but the daughter is denying.At last the mother succeeded in 
convincing her daughter, she wet her daughter's hair and had her sat before the barber.

The barber put two small mugs of water onto the head of the daughter and changed the blade in the straight razor, the barber started shaving the head of the daughter I was quiet anxious to see that, in the meanwhile the mother is also loosens her plant (very lengthy) and started wetting her head, but in the meanwhile one barber came towards us and asked to shave but we denied since we had to take a room and keep our luggage. Later we collected our luggage, taken one room (Anjanadri) at CRO and went to room. After we occupied the room, we took 1/2 hour rest and changed our clothes (casuals) and went to have some tiffin, since morning we do not have any thing. After we finished the tiffin we went to Kalyanakatta (the bigger one) Ofcourse the same was closed and and opened a new one which is marvellous.

We deposited our chappals in the stand at the Kalyanakatta and followed in the line (the time was 01:30 p.m.) fortunately no one was there. When we enter at the counter the employee at the counter asked us "She is is also shaving?" (Me) my hubby said that yes, then he gave two big tickets and one small ticket, when we show those tickets at the other counter that guy gave 3 half blades (one each for us) first the turn of our kid (she has not denied) next the turn of my hubby (he is an hair enthusiast and felt much happy while he shaves his beard, mustaches and finally head, my hubby said that shave by applying some force, since he has dandruff, then the barber said don't worry I do like that and I'll also shave you twice to remove the dandruff. (I wanted to take photographs of the head shaves of my kid and my hubby) but as per the new system the photograph and videography is not allowed hence could not managed to take.

Next it was my turn. My hubby said that have a sit and he explained the barber about the pimple on my head by removing part of my hair, the barber understood and wetted my hair by pouring two small mugs of water. He bent my head towards him and parted in two parts and asked me to say Govinda, I said and started feeling nervour. My hubby gave much courage from my back by standing. The barber started at the mid part of my head and gave a lengthy stroke, I guess it was almost munished upto my nape, and 4 more strokes my back part was finished and become whitish. My hubby managed to take 3 photos by requesting the barber, the barber said that take one more photograph by turning my head (partly shaved) finally the barber shaved entire my hair, 

I felt much happy once I saw my hair on my lap. My hubby told the barber to shave once again, the barber did. Once I get up from the barber, my hubby hugged me and kissed on my bald head, it was quiet whitish. Then at the time we come back from Kesakandanasala one man stood and applying Chandan, my hubby, kid and me applied chandan on our heads it was so cold and the experience was unexplainable. When we come out from Kesakandanasala one old man sat to put Govindanamam, all of we put govindanamam and had a bath at our room and proceeded for Darshan.

The darshan was very very good, I was at loss of words to express my true feelings, we did darshan on Wednesday also.

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