Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dont know how it happened

Dont know how it happened

       My story started with the decision we hav taken about our tirupathi trip.Before going to strat my story I’ll introduce  myself..I’m Deeksha resident of Vijayawada completed my in this year and also got placed in one of the MNCs..I felt very happy at that moment and all my friends want to go to tirupathi..So we all planned to go to that place in the month of june bcoz all were got placed in a company right then. As per the schedule we took the permission from our parents and all of us started to tirupathi….

       Oh till now I haven’t introduced my friends na…The people who have joined to tirupathi with  me are Rani, Priyanka, Seetha and Rajini. All of us have good length of hair. Almost all of us have hair below waist. We hav started our journey on june 9. We have plannd our journey in a train and so we have booked thetickets in advance. As the train started we met a girl named prathyusha who was of our age and she is also going to tirupathi but alone itself.She also completed graduation from a reputed college in Guntur.

       Slowly she became a good friend of mine and we both chatted for long hours and I didn’t remember when I have slept and in the morning we reached the foot hills of tirumala. As Prathyusha have didn’t plan so he didn’t book any room in advance so she came along with us and stayed with us itself. Later we make ourselves fresh up and took rest and we decided to take the darshan on next day…At night I and prathyu we went for a walk after our dinner and my friends have slept..

Meanwhile while we were talking she asked me a question.

Whether I was giving hair to the god. I said “Yes I’m going to give 3 cuts”

She said “I’m not asking abt three cuts deeksha…I’m asking about the full hair…”

Then I asked “R u talking abt a headshave?”.

She said yes I’m talking abtit only..

I said no one of us are going to shave our head.Why r u asking me like tha?”

Then she startled me with a smile on her face that she is going to hav her headshaved.

I couldn’t say a word for a moment and I came to the real world and asked why?

She said As I have got job and my life is almost settled so I hav a vow to be fulfilled which was taken by my mom after my 10th class about my future.

      Hey sorry till now I didn’t say about prathyu na…..She is fair and slim of height 5.4 inches and have a long auburn hair with the curls at the end..She usually hav end trims in a parlour and never have a long cut b4…..But 2morow she is going to shave her head which is a drastic change frm hair to bald..

       I asked when she is going to have her headshave..She said tomorrow….and aferthat we went back to our room and fell asleep..In the morning at 5o’clock I heard some sound from the bathroom and I didn’t took it into consideration and just continued with my sleep and suddenly after half an hour I remembered the words of prathyu and woke up suddenly looked at her bed…She is not there..I went outside to look after her but she is nowhere else..After a few min some person entered into our room with a bald head…I was astonished at that moment because I cant recognize Prathyu in her new look…My friends all gazed at her newly shaven head….She is very very sexy in the new look and I asked her how she feels with the bald head..

       She said “ She is now very much comfortable with the new look and also she felt that a load has been removed from her head. I cant take off my hands frm her head…It’s simply superb and I asked her personally how she felt at the time of headshave…She said that she felt some sensation which we can’t explain any everyone have to get experienced to that…Form then in my mind I hav a thought of shaving my head but I didn’t have the courage to tak it…

       In the evening we all went for darshan and returned to our room in the night time..As I felt a very different  thought how I will be without hair and I went into the bathroom and took a towel and wrapped around my head by covering my hair…I felt I’m very different at the look…So I decided to shave my head tomorrow morning..So I have made a plan that I asked my friends abt my headshave..They all said ok but they wont join along with me so I called to my mother and said that My friend seetha is going to have her headsahve and so I too want to do it…Then imediatey my mom said ok it’s upto u baby….

      Then my mom called to seetha’s mom and said abt our headshave…Seetha’s mom called seetha and asked abt her head shave and she said no…then aunt said that deeksha is going to have gundu along with you So you also do it as I have a vow to be fulfilled by you from ur childhood…She argued and atlast she got convinced for that….

      We both along with ur friends entered into the mini kalyanakatta in the morning…there are less no. of people at that time and so we hav taken two tokens for gundu and entered into the hall and stand in a small queue infornt of a barber….My friend entered and removed her long hip length hair and poured water on it….then barber asked whether for 3 cuts or headshave she simply handled the token and sit infornt of her…Then barber was astonished at the length of the hair and asked her whether to shave loose hair or with knots…She said loose hair itself…


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