Friday, 11 January 2013

Hamsa's Haircut

Hai i'm satish. I'm studying third year mechanical engineering in chennai. There is a girl called hamsa in my class. Among several girls she is special due to her long thick hair upto her butt length and neatly trimmed one. She didn't hav any bangs at all. All girls are jealous about her hair and wanted to see her in short hair, many girls told to cut her  hair cut she never accepted. Those girls came to me and we set a plan together, the plan is to make a bet and make her to lose the bet thereby cutting her hair. There comes our sports day. Hamsa is a very good player in tennis and she never lost in that game. She made a bet with me that if she loses she will  do anything i wish,  on the day of event we done something to her bike, that day she came late and lost as i wish, the next day she came to me and said "whatever u can do to me just do". I said  "meet me at  my home at 8 pm, lets party". She accepted and came to my house.
Now she is wearing a yellow saree, braided her hair with jasmine in it. I gave her something to eat and drink. I praised her hair a lot and she was happy. Then i told "all the girls wanted to see you in short hair".. She said "i never cut my hair, those girls are jealous".. But i said "i have no choice, i hav to cut your hair" and reminded about the bet. She was shocked but dont know what to do. I asked her to sit in a chair in front of a long mirror. She did. Now i took a large white cloth and covered in on her like a nape. On seeing this condition her eyes become red. Now i fixed my camera. She died in shy due to this. Now i brought scissors and comb. First i removed the jasmine and unbraided her hair. It looked like a casacade of hair..That was gorgeous. Now i combed out a mass of hair in front of her face(plan to cut bangs first) and hold it before her eyes. Now i took the scissors and started cutting her hair in front of her face, she burst  into tears. Now she is a long haired girl with bangs. Now i seperated her hair into three parts. Back, right and left side. I took scissors and cut half of her hair at the back and then to neck level. 
She dont know whats happening at the back, just scrunchh... Sound only.. Now i turned towards the mirror and held all her hair at right side and chopped them and dropped it before her lap.. She was crying a lot.. Now i did the same towards other side.. Now i took comb and scissors and started cutting all her hair at right, left and back hair to less than half inch. Now i went to top and cropped it to one inch with a little bangs in front of her.. Then i said "hamsa dear, you may leave" she ran away with tears.. Within a minute i uploaded the video in facebook. I went to bed thinking Tomorrow is gonna be a fun..!

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