Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stubborn brother

My Stubborn Brother
      No one could easily figure out that Shilpa an Engineering graduate, from India could have such an erotic feeling about shaving her head. despite of  her orthodox family sentimental mother and yes her most terrific brother Sonu, who would always argue and fight;no one could easily identify her really, but her feel of shaving her head from the schooling tailed backed with her if she is in office or at home, she really felt and dreamed about it daily.
      It stuck up till one day, her father let out the real good matter. Her father was a business man  and he had got many rivals. On one such instant he was met with an accident that was fatal. When he recovered Shilpa's mother consulted their family Astrologist. He told that they had make a fulfillment to God where there was a vow of some offering with her son which has not been made so it was leading problems. 
     Her mother returned to home and asked if her husband had any vow undone. Shilpa's father told that he once made a vow to Tirupathi that he would offer Sonu's hair and he forgot it. Then my mother told that both the father and son would offer their hair at Tirupathi.
    When the family  talked about this Sonu jumped from floor to top. He did even listen his dad or mom's voice. He told blankly that he would not even come with them. His dad got angry and slapped him and ordered "You do this no more arguments...." and left to the shop. He cried to his mother and told that he didnt even like this.Mom told that "Sonu, there is nothing to worry about this, se after all it is a hair it will grow in no time, even I am going to shave my head see go do something"
     That Evening Shilpa came from office and listened to the whole story from her mom. "Is it true mom? Sonu is going to be shave, how did he accepted? so mom told that story too. Shipla with out letting her interest asked her mom "Mommy should I also have to shave my head?" "No Shilpa only Dad me and Sonu are going too, infact we ladies are not suppposed to do it but I vowed like that so I am doing for our dad" Shilpa was dissapointed but she made a quick plan.
She went to Sonu and mocked him" Poor kid are going to shave your head?" "
Get Lost you donkey or else I will really make you weep..
Hey you you cant make any thing; you know some thing I am saved by mom; she is not willing to get me headshave; so you will get the egg head and started to run he chased her and jumped on her and beated a lot; he vigourously got hold of her locks of hair and angrily replied"I sway that you will get egg head too"
    Ten day after All her family were at Tirupati at Andra Pradesh India, At 10 in the morning they went to the head shaving centre
      His dad got the tickets for the process; Shilpa and his brother were sitting in the room, Shilpa like the other days mocked him and he was red with anger; When his father came in he shouted "I wont do this" His dad got irated, he angrily argued with Sonnu.

      At one point Sonu let Shilpa also get tonsured If she agrees then I would  surely get a head shave.Both Mom and Dad got stuck up. They saw Shilpa with a question; Shilpa who was waiting for this situation instantly replied I agree;no one expected she would reply like that, Sonu ofcourse didnt even expectedthis He planned if Shilpa didnt not accept he could also escape, now he got no ohter go than going to the tonsure bay. 
      All the family now are ready to get tonsure, It is  First Shilpa's mother went to the barber,she wore the saree and sat with her heavy locks of hair; the barber untied her knots in hair and showered water and massaged continously for  5 minutes. He then poured some extra water and made her soaked with water; loaded the straight razor with a new blade mom chanted something andshe bowed her head; he again adjusted her hair and holded her head with one hand and made a razor move on it. A heavy lock of  hair fell on her lap. Slowly one after the other locks fell down. Now she looked like an old man with bald head. Shilpa was interestingly watching this as she is going to get next. Now the barber asked to turn around ans sit, mom did like that and he again started to shave her back side of the head and the side burn and her hairs around her ears. Now again he repeated the same process all her head and removed the stubbles. Now really she got bald and looked younger than before. She smiled at Shilpa, mean while Father and son were sitting at opposite to Shilpa's mother. Sonu unwillingly sat in front of the barber. He cried but the barber started the work and within ten minutes Sonu got the real 'egg head'. after him Sonu's father also got  neatly shaved.
      Now it is Shilpa's turn She was excited and a bit nervous when she was sitting on the wooden planket. The barber was young and smiled at her. She smiled and asked him "what I should do?" "

     Just let your hair loose and bow your head I will do the next..." he replied. Shilpa got a really good hair up to her waist her thick mane and it is brown color She loosen her hair and it fell like a waterfall. The Barber asked her should I cut or shave it directly? I could not shave as such...Shilpa replied to cut it shortly and shave it. Then barber then took a manual clipper and told Shilpa "Amma you are the first girl to be cut with this machine, saying so he holded a thick mane and started to run the clippers. It was like pulling her roots from head but she liked it. soon all her side way hairs were sheared. Now she felt like cool breeze going inside her head.. Next he started the same method like he has done to her mom. When the barber massaged her head, her nipples became tight  and erect. Now the same thing happened le reloaded the blade and bowed her head. Now he started to scratch a big patch from the the forehead and started to shave from the crown. She felt cool air on her top. and he repeteadly made the same process. Shilpa was asked to sit in sideways. Now he bended her ears and removed off the stray hair.  And said " It is finished...". Shilpa dusted the remaining hairs from her dress. Sonu laughed at her "See! I have won the bet I made you to get an egg-head" "Really?" Shilpa rubbed her hand on her head.At last her erotic feeling has been satisfied easily.  No one in her family know how much she planned and completed with her permission of her dad and mom. They went to the temple and had a wonderful 'Darshan" of God Balaji. Shilpa prayed" God,let me to shave in future also please and the next time it should be as easily as possible. If it is I will also make Sonu to shave his head again

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