Friday, 11 January 2013

Vendhudhal Mottai

My name is Chamundeshwari..I  dont believe in all rituals,vow and customs.I was married to a   person named Ravi who was my classmate in school.He had belief in these customs.his parents were very traditional and i had   many restrictions in my looks.But i did not care about it.One day mother in law came and told me that our whole family is going to   get tonsured in palani next week.I asked what was the reason.she told that she had a vendudhal i.e. vow that once our marriage and   my sister in law's marriage had gone well we will get tonsured in palani.I told her that i dont like to get my head shaved.She ordered   me that i should get my headshaved.then i finally accepted.the next week we travelled all the way to madurai by train and we hired a    as there were twelve members in our family and went to palani.while going in the car also i asked my mil whether i had to get    shaved.she told yes.Finally we reached palani and went to a hotel and kept our luggages in our rooms and we rested for some time.   After some time we all got ready and we went to tonsure hall.there was full crowd in the tonsure hall because that day was thai   poosam.then we went to another tonsure place called saravana poigai.we were 5 ladies and 7 gents.while waiting for my turn i was   watching how the shaving was done.i was very shocked because the ladies heads were shorn like a sheep.then my turn came.i sat   before the barber.he didnot remove my ponytail and the flowers from from my hair.he poured a bowl full of water on my head.he   started shaving my head as he was shaving i was excited and my nervousness stopped.within few mins he completed the headshave   and i got mil was feeling very happy and she kissed on my newly shaven head.when i went to the room i went into the   bathroom and saw my head in the mirror.i saw my head in the mirror and i was shocked.i cried for a minute.i consoled myself.i took   bath and my mil applied sandal on my head.we all went to the temple by walking and had a good darisanam.the next day we   reached our home.then i made a decision that i will get my head shaved once in a couple of years.

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