Friday, 11 January 2013

Renuka roy is a journalist with long and lustrous hair. She married other co employee. It's a love marriage she settled in Delhi. She loves her long hair and she proud her hair is the asset and the main beauty. After marriage also she is working. Everything went fine. 

After 1 year she delivered a baby boy. She and her hubby very happy for the child, also it's normal delivery. After 3 days she discharge from hospital. But her body is still weak. So she want to continue the bed rest for more than a week. Her hubby also took care. Because both of the parents are not in india. So her hubby took a week leave and he cares wife and the child. After 1 week she is coming normal, but the day her hubby's uncle passed away in london. They got the news from london both of them got worried about the sad news. But after 2 days they become normal. Then Renuka started to discuss with his hubby for her vow to tirupathi. Because it's already they planned, if she delivered a baby boy with she will shave her head at tirupathi with in 1 month. if it's a baby girl her hubby will shave his head tirupathi. Because she likes boy, and her hubby likes girl baby. But her hubby said, "Renu that's correct, but now my uncle is passed away, so we shouldn't go to temple for this 1 year. So next year you can shave your head at tirupathi, if you want I will also join. Then Renuka said ok, anyway we will not do anything for this situation, so my hair will stay for next 1 year, will shave both of them heads next year at tirumala." Her hubby also accepted this.

Next day morning her neighbor came to their house and he asking about baby's health and Renuka's health. Her name is Lakshmi, she is also south indian. She is 30 years of age. After the some discussion she informed she is going to tirupathi by next 2 days that is coming saturday night. If Renu's family want to do any pooja in tirupathi she will do it behalf of their family. Renuka said nothing aunty, actually I planned to shave my head at tirumala after my delivery but his uncle got passed away so this year I will not do anything like temple related, but I will give some money please put it in temple hundi, anyway next year we both will shave their heads at tirumala. Then lakshmi replied I have other idea Renu, if you want you can think about this, Renu questioned to lakshmi "What idea aunty", she replied, per your statement you will not going to any temples for the whole year that's correct, we are also following these kind of formalities, but you can shave your head and given to me I will put it in tirupathi when I reach. Renu surprised her idea, "Aunty you are correct, but where will I go and shave my head?", lakshmi replied, "Renu you can go to some parlor and shave your head and bring some hair or whole hair, and given to me any way my hubby and me also shave both their heads this time, so I will put it in the kalyanakatta. Renu and her hubby happy about Lakshmi aunty's idea. So both of them accepted, then Renu replied " Aunty I thought my hair will stay for next 1 year but god decided whatever happened I should shave my head so that only you told about your trip and your view of idea". Lakshmi said "Yes tirupathi is special place, if you prayed something you should to finish the vow". Then Renu said, aunty I will shave my head coming saturday morning, and I will given to you. She also accepted.

Satruday morning, Renuka is ready for her tonsure, her hubby said, can I shave my head today, she said no need, this is only for me, next year if you want you can shave. Her hubby said ok. And they are calling lakshmi for sometime to take care of their child, they will be back after 1 hour. The baby is sleeping well, anyway he will wakeup after 2 hours, before that they will come. So lakshmi said ok for that. Then both of them started to parlor, and they reached at 11 am morning. It's a unisex saloon (male and female) In the receptionist said madam can you please wait for some time, because 3 of them is waiting before you. Renu said ok. And then the receptionst asking for the purpose of the visit, that is facial, haircut, massage, her hubby said headshave. She noted, and then she questioned, madam you want any haircut, Renuka smiled and replied, headshave is for me only not for my husband. Receptionist said, sorry mam, then she informed to the beautician about this through intercom. After Renuka 1 young girl and 2 male are waiting. After the 15 mins receptionist called renuka, mam you can go, then renuka and her hubby going inside the parlor, and the beautician said welcome mam, please take your seat, sir you can also sit this sofa. So Renu went and sat the haircutting chair, and her hubby sat behind her the sofa. 

Beautician covered her body with big cloth, and Renuka touch her hair to remove the clip, but the beautician said, no problem mam I will do it you can sit relaxly. Then renu sat normally. Then the beautician asked, mam want a headshave? renuka said yes, please, then the beautician comb her long hair, and said your hair is beautiful, why you want to shave, renuka said it's a vow, so please shave me and give some hair to me. She said ok. Then she sprayed water to wet her hair, by the time the girl and 1 boy came to the room, the girl is coming for facial, she had a mid back hair, and the guy is coming for haircut. Then the beautician take the scissor, and chopped her hair unto her neck and she is now bobcut, again she chop her hair front and back, the one standing next to her freaked out and asked her what the hell she was doing. Beautician replied to the guy, headshave. The guy shocked and he had no words, by the times beautician chopped all of Renuka's hair, her hubby also watching all this process. She is now military crew cut, then the beautician pour some more water in her head and wet her short hair, and take the machine razor and put her backside of the hair and shaved cleanly, her bald plait is coming, she continues her shaving process, all the part right and left side and finally front side, and Renuka is completely bald now, her beautiful hair is in floor. she look her face in the mirror, she won't believe, she is look like an monk with bald head. Then the beautician apply shaving cream in her head and again she shaved her head with knife cleanly. Other 2 mins her head is very shining. Beautician said, mam "your headshave is finish, you want anything", renuka replied, "ok that's fine", then she asking her hair, beautician called the other girl and take some hair from the floor and pack and given to renuka, she also did the same. Then they paid the about to reception, and everybody in the reception looking Renuka surprisingly, because young girl comes with clean shaven head from the parlor, but renuka is not worry about that. Finally they came to house, lakshmi aunty is looking renuka and said, "Renu you are very beautiful with out the hair, this is inspired my headshave, so I don't worry about my headshave", renuka said "aunty don't worry hair will grow some time, this is the religious vow" and she gave the bag to lakshmi and said "this is my hair, please put it in tirumala behalf of me", she said, "no problem renu, this is my pleasure". Then she asked about her child, she said, "baby is sleep well", then lakshmi leave the place, and renu went for her bath. Next day everybody in the flat seen Renuka with bald look surprising and shocked,

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